Well, finding and attracting the right mate isn't easy, and we understand that! But fortunately enough, attracting a female in a man's world is much easier than what many animals and fish have to go through! For example, the male mantis faces a risk of its head being bitten off by the female when trying to pursue her. Coming to a pufferfish, its super hard work for him spending days creating symmetrical patterns in the sand for his best artistic creation to attract a mate!

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So when it comes to men, things are definitely more straightforward. Generally, an overall process followed by men for attracting probable mates is peacocking. Just like a male peacock uses its feathers to attract a mate, peacocking also similarly involves a man using his style, clothing, and behaviour in a flashy manner to attract a woman, who may not necessarily be a mate. But many a time, overdone peacocking might tend to be more of a turn off than attraction.

So to make things easier for you mister, here are 5 tips that will help you attract a date the right way without overdoing things!

  1. Right profile picture: With numerous dating sites available, you actually get not more than five seconds to attract her attention to your profile. What makes or breaks this deal is your profile pic. It has to be different and attractive. That doesn't mean you need to click a picture dressed up in bright colours or hanging upside down! Your profile picture has to be classy, smart and different. If you stand out amidst the crowd, then the first hurdle has already been won by you!
  2. Have a sense of humour: You don't need to laugh like a fool, but most women are attracted to men who have a good sense of humour. Be it a few lines or a few words, your sense of humour will definitely hit the nail on the head. Also, it's essential not only to make someone laugh but also be able to laugh at her sense of humour, even if it might not be as great as yours!
  3. Avoid too much muscle show: Yes, you worked out hard at the gym, and now your muscles are absolutely in shape to be shown, but too much muscle show can go against you! It might make you attractive, but also make you look like a show-off! No woman would want to be with a man who is always too bothered about his looks and physique! It kind of puts a woman off! Instead, a subtle show of your body through your shirt or maybe one unbuttoned button at the top would do the job better!
  4. Good manners: If you really want to attract a woman, then you definitely need to think beyond your physical appearance! Etiquette, chivalry and politeness are qualities that attract women across all age and stage. No one would like to hang out with a rude man, one who can't respect time or just doesn't remember to hold the door open for her. Every woman likes to be her man's queen, so you better get working on your manners if you find some are still not in place.
  5. Don't go overboard: Yes, we understand that you want to impress her, but never go overboard. Chasing a woman might not always be a good idea. Instead, give her enough space and time, for her to feel attracted enough to you to take the next move or next step. That way, you can be sure that she is actually into you. For example, instead of calling her numerous times a day, it's better to try to call her once or twice every day. That way, she knows that you care for her but are not on top of her! After all, everyone wants their breathing space.