Ever wondered why she said yes for the date? Or what made her think you are the right guy for her? If yes, misters have brought for you 6 things girls notice in guys in that first meeting and trust us when we say, your first interaction with her is the real game-changer.

1. Where are you gazing?

Women are said to have a sixth sense that helps them know how someone feels about them or the way they look or touch them. Of course, their soft, supple skin and curves are fascinating, but women, in general, don't like way too much 'eye-attention' on their curves. A man who cannot keep his eyes on a woman's face is at once sent to the rejected list. So guys, be generous. If you find her physically appealing, compliment her, but don't keep your eyes glued to parts of her body. Her face and smile are beautiful too.

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2. How do you look?

It will be a lie if we say that physical appearance doesn't matter when it comes to dating. Yes, the face-cut, skin-tone, height and other things many not bother a person, but the way you carry yourself and your grooming do. A well-groomed man is way more appealing for a woman than a toned man with shaggy dressing sense. So whether you prefer wearing ripped jeans and loose tees or are more comfortable in a tailored suit, make sure your clothes are clean, ironed and your hair and beard are set.

3. What's that smell?

Women have a stronger sense of smell than men. So the scent of your body will be noticed by her instantly. There are two basic rules of smelling good around a woman or in general. One, use cologne. The fragrance of your citrus body wash will not last long in this 'excessive global warming' phase. And just like a woman's sense of smell is strong, a man's body odour is more potent. So make sure you use a long-lasting cologne. Two, do not overuse it. Spraying or dabbing a minimal amount of strong cologne can work well for you. However, if you use it excessively, you might end up smelling like a flower valley, and that can irritate your date.

4. Who is keeping you company?

This definitely doesn't apply if you are on a date with a girl. But if luck is in your favour and you happen to bump into a pretty girl, somewhere in public, remember, she is going to notice your company. For example, if you are with a girl, she might avoid giving you attention if she will not be able to figure out who that girl is. In that case, she will assume her to be your girlfriend. Moreover, if she sees you chugging some beer with a group of loud, sweaty men, she might think you need some more growing up and can avoid you. However, if she finds you having dinner with your work buddies or with a decent group, she might give you an approving glance. Long story short, your company matters!

5. Are there any subtle check-outs going on?

No matter how subtle and smooth you might think you are, a female can always notice the movement of your eyeballs. A sixth sense, remember! So guys, stick to the woman you are with. If you are at a bar on a date, don't check out other women. This is a big turn-off and practically speaking, keeping the above point in mind, the woman you will be checking out would hardly pay any attention to you and the woman you would be with, will give you a big 'No'. So, be smart!

6. Is that a good vibe?

Just like the way you smell and the way you look, a woman notices your aura too. They pay keen attention to the vibe that you bring inside a room. Your vibe is the energy that surrounds you. You may not be super-handsome, but if you have a positive vibe, girls will check you out from across a mile. This vibe is affected by the way you think about yourself, about others and life in general. If you are full of self-love and confidence, you treat everyone with respect, and you see the good in life, your vibe will become more magnetic. On the other hand, feelings of self-hate, judgement, criticism can negatively affect your vibe.

So now that you know what makes a girl stay hooked to a guy, you better get these traits to sharpen. And meanwhile, we'll hope you hit the bull's eye!