Most people love sex but with the right person and when appropriately timed! It comes as no surprise that men and women approach first-date sex, differently. While most men are okay with sex, even on the first date, women have mixed feelings about the same. Some women give first-date sex a thumbs up and have solid reasons backing it, while others feel it's not a wise idea. So Mister, let's learn about some reasons why women give sex on the first date either the green or red signal.

Some reasons why she says 'yes'.

Sexual Compatibility: Unlike men, for whom sex is comparatively a more straightforward affair, including oral sex, sexual intercourse and ejaculation accompanied by orgasm; for women, sexual satisfaction is not that easy. Around 75% of women don't even get an orgasm from penetration. There's also the process of arousing them and helping them achieve orgasm. Many women rely on sexual satisfaction from their partners. Likely, a woman wouldn't want to waste her years with the same man to find out he doesn't have a clue about how to make sexual experiences great for her!

Testing the waters: Much like a man, you might meet a woman who says 'yes' to sex on the first date. For example, numerous men casually date in hope for a one night stand. Suppose that has to happen, the sooner, the better. A woman may attempt to determine whether a relationship is serious or not by getting sex out of the way and observing whether the man sticks around.

Fantastic first date: If you have a charming personality and the chivalry within you is not dead yet, there are chances that your date might want to get you to bed. The reason is simple: she is aroused and wants to get under the sheets with you. Let's not forget that the world of really good first-dates still exists! If all goes well, you can shift from your coffee table to the bedroom in the first meeting.

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Some reasons why she says 'no'.

Not wanting to compromise with safe sex: In just a few hours of meeting a person or even spending a day with them doesn't inform you of their sexual health and history. The risk of sexually transmitted diseases and other STI's is relatively high. Also, many women do not wish to increase the chances of pregnancy. They do not want the risk, even if using protection is on the table.

Not wanting to come across as easy: Even though there is no such thing as a 'loose woman', women sometimes feel that men may find them not classy enough if they end up in bed after the first date. The responsibility of a judgement-free zone here lies upon Misters. Please make your date feel comfortable even when there is no guarantee of you sleeping with them by the end of it.

No love, no sex: Several women may only want to get intimate with a man who they love or who forges a connection with them beyond sex, which includes trust, care, consideration and a stable future.

Women could have faced all or none of these situations, and many more require unearthing. An informal piece of advice would be one of basic human decency when you go out on a date. Being perceptive of non-sexual and sexual signals goes a long way. In the case of misinterpretations, talk to your date, try to be as honest as possible and take it as it comes!

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