Donatella Marazziti, the scientist from Pisa, Italy, who studied 24 people who were in love, a conclusion that there are changes in the testosterone levels when a couple is in love. The natural hyperactive hormone testosterone goes down in men, while it rises in women. She added that this might be nature’s way of omitting the difference between the man and woman in love.

She claimed this with a conviction because when the same people were analysed after one to two years when they were no more in love, their testosterone levels were normal.

When you are in love, you tend to lose your sleep; you are hyperactive and happy all the time. We are over drenched with film that show how a person in love behaves. Well, everything has a biological explanation. Let us see what are some other ways being in love can change in our lives. “It’s all chemical.”

The world seems to be a beautiful place all of a sudden

The reason why this happens is that when we are in love, our body produces hormones like phenethylamine, oxytocin and dopamine. These neurotransmitters make us want to stay addicted to our love interest, and we always feel happy. These hormones get secreted more when we hug each other and thus we have a sense of euphoria.

We start appreciating the beauty, and we also tend to be considerate towards many general things in life that we didn’t notice earlier. You might have experienced that, rarely does anything, offends us when we are lovestruck.

Heart rate increases

Our heart beats faster because epinephrine and norepinephrine are released in our body which reaches to our heart and brain through the bloodstream. Simply we can explain it as the adrenaline rush, which is also responsible for fight or flight situations.

Losing appetite

As explained in the previous point, when we are in love our heart tends to beat faster. The body sends blood from all the other organs like the stomach to the vital organs like heart and brain first. This is why we do not feel hungry any more. But this happens only for a while.

Blood pressure/heart health

When a person is in a relationship, it provides a sense of belongingness, responsible and social. Small acts of love like hugging and kissing control the blood pressure and keeps it normal. However, when a person is in an unhealthy relationship or no relationship at all, cardiovascular health tends to deteriorate. It raises stress and overthinking which in turn raises the blood pressure and hardening of the arteries. It makes the heart walls weak and can further result in a heart attack.

Love is bliss. Love is compassion and consideration of humanity. When you are in love, you can be a good person who does good deeds. Healthy love is all you need for leading a great life.

being in love changes testosterone level