It’s all about the healthy blood flow. Let’s understand what these two terms mean and then it’ll be easier for you to understand how are they correlated.

Atherosclerosis is a condition when your arteries aren’t able to carry oxygen-rich blood to various parts of your body due to the formation of plaque consisting of cholesterol, fat and other unhealthy substances. Gradually it makes our heart unhealthy and then our body falls to its prey.

Erectile dysfunction is a condition when the blood flow isn’t in ample amount in the penis to make and maintain it stronger for long enough to make it stronger. When a man has sexual arousal, the penis relaxes allowing the arteries to let in the blood to the penile chambers. When the excitement goes down, the penis contracts by releasing blood flow out of the penile veins and gradually the rigidity melts down. Even though our penis gets its blood flow from the arteries located in our belly region, the heart plays a very important role in overall progression.

So, if we have a weak heart, how is it going to pump good blood to our penis? If there’s no blood flow to our penis for a long period of time without taking any preventive measures, there are chances that we can suffer from Erectile Dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction or ED as we all know is a prevalent disease in men and has increased in recent times. Even though the disease in itself isn’t fatal, people who suffer from ED are susceptible to depression and harming themselves with dirty drugs.

Let us know more about the causes of erectile dysfunction:

ED can have many causes. After a successful diagnosis, your doctor will be able to tell you more about the cause. However, there are some common causes for ED mentioned below -

  1. Ageing.
  2. Poor cardiovascular health.
  3. Diseases that are directly weakening our heart like hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity and other such diseases.
  4. Poor mental health causing stress, anxiety and depression. These further escalate to sleeping disorders which directly affect our heart health.
  5. History of self/genetic medical conditions.
  6. Consumption of tobacco, alcohol and substance abuse.
  7. Poor fitness levels.
  8. Pelvic injury.

If you look at the list of causes closely, you’ll find that most of these problems trigger abnormal blood flow in the body. As the body grows weak, the blood circulation also gets hampered.

The treatment of ED entirely depends upon what kind of emotional or physical changes are going through your body and your doctor would be the best person to recommend medication. Apart from medication, if you want any other remedy for both ED and Atherosclerosis, lifestyle choices are the best hope that you have.

  1. Eat clean and healthy. Avoid junk.
  2. Practice Yoga and go to the gym.
  3. Release stress by talking to your partner.
  4. Quit smoking and alcohol at once.
  5. Do not overexert yourself.

Medically reviewed by Rishabh Verma, RP

atherosclerosis can cause ED