“IT’S A SECRET.” Yes, to have a skilled barber by your side in the battle of captivating personality is a secret. To each one of you reading this, I have a question. When was the last time when you were satisfied with the hair solutions that your hairdresser provided? Isn’t it weird that you have been compromising with your hairs even though it is the most exposed part of our body which forces it to need extra care?

Do not worry because this article will help you to choose the perfect barber for yourself with only “Five Questions.”

What hairstyle should I select for my face shape?

You might be fascinated with the hairstyle that your favourite celebrity rocks, but not necessarily it is going to suit you. The perfect haircut is something that everyone longs for. When I say perfect, it means the hairstyle that goes with your hair quality, hair health, hair volume, face shape and the current trend. Rarely if you get one, hold on to the barber, and never let him go.

Can I restyle this easily at home?

Yes, you got your hairstyle for a lifetime at the salon, but once you are home, you are unable to get that look again. Damn, it’s a bad feeling. Ask your barber how to rock the same hairstyle at home all by yourself and listen to the tips carefully.

What time should I come in next?

Majorly there are two reasons for you to ask this question. The first one is that the right hair styling centre is seldom empty. It would help if you asked your hairstylist to book a slot for you when they are less packed so that they can invest quality time while styling your hairs. This leads to the second point, which is the maintenance of your hairs.

Once you have your favourite haircut done, you need to maintain it according to your hair growth. Different parts of your hairs grow differently. So, after a couple of visits, your barber will understand your hair growth rate and would suggest you the better time for your next visit.

What styling products suits the hairstyle that you admire?

A good hairstyling salon would have a wide range of hair styling products that are categorized according to different hairstyles and qualities. Do not rush into making any hasty decisions while selecting the best hair care products. Discuss because an experienced barber knows it all.

Can the thin and grey hairs be camouflaged?

Yes, do not forget to ask this question before sitting on the throne of style. This question is for the gentlemen who have thin grey hairs. Listen to the recommendation your barber does and then choose carefully because it can make or break your confidence.

You need to create an exceptional relationship with your barber. They can help you only if you help them understand what you want. Please have a good conversation with your barber every time you visit him.

Ask this to your barber