Bhringraj is one of the essential herbs used in the Indian Traditional System of Medicine, Ayurveda, because it is full of multiple health benefits. Its leaf extract is a powerful liver tonic, rejuvenator and especially one of the best herbs for hair. Some studies have shown that Bhringraj can give some symptomatic relief in certain conditions like gastric pain, nausea and vomiting. It can also be referred to in some nervous problems like epilepsy.

Hair problems like hair fall, dry hairs or split ends, premature hair greying or any scalp itching or irritation generally occurs either by external or internal factors. In these external factors could be excessive exposure in dirt or pollution, and internal factors may include lousy eating habits, weak or poor digestion or stress. These factors diminish the nutritional value of our hair and cost them its strength and shine.

Bhringraj helps to manage these conditions because of its Keshya (hair tonic) property which helps to bring back the lost shine and strength to the hair and prevent the premature greying. Bhringraj also helps to manage the factors which might cause the hair problems due to its Deepan and Pachan (appetizer and digestion) property which helps to keep healthy digestion.

Bhringraj is also beneficial in some metabolic disorders like indigestion, anorexia because of its Deepan (appetizer) or Rochak (taste enhancer) properties. It helps in enhancing the appetite, which then improves digestion which further prevents the formation and accumulation of toxins in the body which might occur due to indigestion. Bhringraj is also beneficial in managing some other metabolic disorders like diabetes because of its Katu (pungent) and Tikta (bitter) taste and its Vata and Kapha balancing properties because diabetes occurs due to an imbalance of both these Doshas.

The help of Bhringraj can efficiently manage urinary problems like retention in urine, incomplete urination or burning sensation in urine because of its Mutral (diuretic) property. This property increases the urine production in the body and reduces the symptoms of these conditions by providing relief. Not only this, but Bhringraj is also beneficial in managing some other urinary conditions like a renal stone. It can help in easy passage of the stone out from the body.

Bhringraj is also beneficial for those who are looking forward to the natural supplements which can provide them with good strength and stamina. Bhringraj can help in this case because of its Balya (strength provider) property. This property of Bhringraj helps to provide resistance to the muscles and even the whole body because of which a person can develop a healthy and good looking physique for a more extended period.

Seeds of Bhringraj have also shown Vajikarana (aphrodisiac) property which helps an individual to improve his sexual health and can also get rid of sexual disorders if suffering from any. Not only this, but Bhringraj also has Rasayana (rejuvenator) property which helps an individual to maintain his overall health both internally and externally.

Medically reviewed by Rishabh Verma, RP

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