Morning blues are something we are all well acquainted with. But what about blue balls? Well, mister, you would be surprised to know that your nuts down there, also have a fair chance of getting their blues. It refers to a condition when there is a tingling pain in your testicles accompanied by a bluish tinge to the scrotum skin. So why does this happen or why do you get blue balls?

Blue balls, also known as Epididymal Hypertension (EH), is a condition that usually happens when you get sexual arousal that does not result in orgasm or if you remain aroused for a long time. Like for example if during sex, your orgasm has been interrupted or you continue to be aroused for too long without an orgasm, then you might get blue balls. Although it’s painful, its nothing that serious for which you might need to ask for help!

So what exactly happens that leads to blue balls? This phenomenon is almost similar to that of sneezing! Ejaculation happens in two steps. The first step of ejaculation is known as emission. In this step, the sperms get pumped into the prostate from the scrotum. This is similar to the stage in sneezing where you move your head back and close your eyes, getting ready to let that massive sneeze out. The next step is sneezing, and in this case, ejaculation. But unlike a sneeze, this reflex can be stopped at this step up to the point of actual ejaculation, leading to an unreleased orgasm. What happens during arousal is that, your blood vessels during ejaculation expand, for carrying more blood to the penis, leading to an erection. At the same time, the vessels responsible for carrying blood back from your genitals, restrict. Once you ejaculate or no longer feel aroused, the blood vessels will bring the blood back as well. But if there is a delay in ejaculation or you stop your semen from being released from the point of no return, then it results in pain and discomfort, and a bluish tinge to your testicles, owing to the increased volume of blood in them.

Also, as per the name although your balls don’t turn blue, in case you are using any sex toys or constricting devices, then it could actually impair the blood to the testicles, thereby turning them blue. It can also happen if any of your testicles get twisted more than 360 degrees, leading to a blood supply cut off, which can again make them turn blue.

So are there any treatments recommended for blue balls? Well, in general, they should get resolved on their own, once the extra blood flows away from the testicles making the blood pressure return to normal. But you can always help treat the condition either by ejaculating through masturbation or having consensual sex with your partner. If sex or masturbation is not an option, then you can help treat the situation by reducing arousal in the following ways:

  • Get your mind distracted from arousal by focussing on something else

  • Taking a cold shower

  • Working out, like lifting something heavy that would exert pressure on other areas of the body

  • Exercising to increase blood circulation

  • Applying a cold or warm compress to the testicles.

Although blue balls are not dangerous, here are other causes that lead to testicle pain that you should be aware of like kidney stones, epididymitis or infection of the testicles, mumps, testicular cancer, orchitis and wearing tight pants to name a few. Most of these have nothing to do with arousal, and you can feel them at any time, unlike pains from blue balls, which are only linked to arousal. So misters, since not getting aroused is not an option at all, to keep your blue balls away it is better to go with the flow of your body and ejaculate naturally during an orgasm, be it through sex or masturbation.