Who does not like to work hard throughout the day and then make love to their partner? But on and often this hard work takes a toll on our sexual performance and hampers our drive. So, how do we overcome this daily fatigue and keep the sexual charm intact? Well! Let's find out.

1. Fruits to the rescue

As fruits are always a gamechanger in our health routine, they can make a positive impact on your sex life too. Certain fruits act as potent aphrodisiacs and can increase the blood flow to your genitals. The enhanced blood flow boosts your erection and helps you to last long during the act. To give it a start, you can try with bananas, figs, avocados, etc., and feel the difference.

2. Dive in the tasty world of chocolates

Chocolates have always been a great pleasure symbol for mankind. The rich cocoa has its magic and charm. These delicious chocolates are not only an escape for your tastebuds but can also enhance your libido. The consumption of chocolates increases the release of phenylethylamine, which in turn releases serotonin, and this can uplift the mood instantly. The intake of chocolates can bring a considerable change in your sex drive.

3. A glass of wine can soothe things down

A glass of wine can turn the tables around always. Alcohol, when taken in a small amount, can do wonders for your sex life. It not only helps people to get closer but also elevates the level of intimacy between two individuals. So, maybe this weekend you can gulp a glass and explore new domains of sex.

4. Sleeping well is the key of all locks

Sometimes it does happen that one is not able to feel active entirely because they're sleep-deprived. Official responsibilities, person engagements take up a lot of space in your life leading to physical stress, a remedy to this can be a regular sleep cycle, or one can take up power naps whenever there's a window for it. and, in case if nothing works, then go ahead with meditation therapy. These therapies are clinically proven for relieving stress.

5. Eat your food right

The consumption of food should be such that it should be rich in proteins and low in carbohydrates. Skipping meals does not only weakens your body but also adds to your mental stress and makes you wary of little things. It could happen that you can be thinking of several things while being indulged in the act. To avoid the same, switch to a healthy diet that is rich in nutrients and meets all your bodily needs. This will not only help you to replenish your body minerals but will also help you to stabilize mentally.

These are a few ways by which you can keep up your libido level. Alongside these, you can try different herbs which stimulate the flow of blood in the penis and helps it in erection such as garlic and basil. Above all, talk to your partner and ask what excites them in the act. A new perspective can always spice up your life.