A bottle of red wine is an accessible item to find in most houses if they take an interest in alcohol. Some say it is right for the heart, while others claim it keeps hypertension at an arm's distance. Well, neither of them are wrong. A glass of red wine is good for cardiovascular health and also keeps the nervous system intact. However, what many people do not know is that sipping this bloody red drink can maintain a man's testosterone levels.

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Nope, we are not saying it of our own accord. A research study conducted by Professor Declan Naughton under the Kingston University of London claims so. Athletes comprised the subject of study. In his final report, Professor Naughton claimed that consumption of red wine boosted the level of testosterone in their body. He further stated that non-athletes could also experience similar results of red wine.

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The release of testosterone from the body can take place in numerous ways. It is eliminated through urination, for example. UGT2B17, a molecule type present in testosterone acts as an enzyme. It enables the body to flush out testosterone from the system. Professor Naughton also states that red wine has a large quantity of quercetin, which blocks the functioning of UGT2B17 and elevates the male sex hormone in the body. However, observing humans for this part of the laboratory study is yet to take place.

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Despite this, the Professor and his team are pretty optimistic about seeing similar results when red wine mixes with blood in the body. The effects of it will vary from person to person, depending on factors like weight, diet, age and overall health, of course.

However, does this mean one should chug a whole bottle in a single sitting? Definitely not. Consuming alcohol in excess can cause T levels to sink instead of boosting them. Nobody needs laboratory tests to prove this. One should not drink more than two glasses of wine in a day. Moreover, the consumption should be done moderately, preferably not more than twice in a week or two.

Medically reviewed by Rishabh Verma, RP

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