Ever wondered why in most movies, when you are invited in for a cup of coffee after a hot date, it usually means a sign that it’s time to have some great sex?

Well, whether you actually have that hot cup of coffee or not along with the sex, research has shown that coffee helps in increasing your libido and sexual drive, making you a better lover in bed!

Also, a small secret for all those performers out there, a recent study conducted by Texas University has further shown that men who had 2 cups of coffee a day had a 42% less chance of suffering from erectile dysfunction, than those who didn’t. So in a way, you can also say that ‘ 2 cups of coffee a day, keeps your performance issues at bay!’ But why coffee, and how coffee does this powerful job, is something one must know.

So let’s see ways in which coffee drinkers are better performers in bed!

1.    Prevents Erectile Dysfunction: Well, your lady needs to have an orgasm during sex for her to look forward to the next hot activity in bed. So erectile dysfunction can be a significant drawback if you have to satisfy your lady love. Coffee prevents erectile dysfunctions and helps you enjoy some great sex!

2.    Helps You Build Stamina: Someone had rightly said, having sex is almost like pushing a car, only it’s much more pleasurable! So coffee increases your stamina, helping you to perform in bed like a pro without getting tired or fatigued. Your lady will surely admire you for some outstanding performance!

3.    Helps Reduce Stress: Sexual drives are linked to chemical reactions that happen in your brain. Stress can meddle with those reactions leading to a decrease in desire and performance. Coffee helps to reduce stress, thereby making you a better lover, all night long!

4.    Keeps You Happy: Who wants to have sex with a sad person? A happy man is something every woman would want in bed. And what would the happy man want? You got it right, some hot sex and hot cups of coffee!

5.    Helps make you smarter: Yes, sex is all about enjoying with your partner with the right moves at the right time. For that, you need to be smart enough to know what to deliver, when and how to lit the fire in bed!

Studies have shown that people who drink coffee are definitely more energetic than those who don’t, making it the perfect reason for you to reach out for that cup of coffee right away!  So switching over from tea to coffee, doesn’t sound like a bad idea at all, does it?