With the summer upon us, unforgiving and scorching, food ingredients that hydrate the body are the necessity. What can you think of? Delicious watermelons, lemons and oranges, am I right? This piece will talk about how the humble, unassuming salad of cucumber should also be a part of this list.

Did I say salad? What if I boggled your mind and said that cucumber is a fruit after all? This is true, believe it. Considered a close relative of the watermelon, cucumbers transform and develop from the flowers of its plants and also consist of seeds. Botanically speaking and by popular definition, this is criteria enough to be considered a fruit.

Author Nat Hawes of Nature Cures believes that citrulline rich foods, abundantly present in cucumber, can help improve and reduce the effects of erectile dysfunction in men suffering from low blood pressure. A short version of this process can be explained as such- citrulline converts into an amino acid known as arginine which further converts to nitric oxide that allows blood vessels to expand and relax, facilitating a healthy blood flow to the penis. These properties coherently explain how cucumbers can do wonders for sexual health.

If you’re wondering just how credible citrulline is as a naturally occurring amino-acid, let’s talk about a short experiment conducted by reliable researchers in the year 2011. Herein, scientists tested a sum total of 24 patients with mild ED and a cumulative average age of about 56 years. They gave a placebo to the sample for one month and a citrulline supplement for another, recording hardness of their erections. The results concluded that citrulline supplements altered their mild erection functions to normal erection functioning.

Moreover, supplements to treat ED, such as viagra already exist in the competitive market. Although, they often have recorded side effects such as blurry vision and frequent headaches. So if a natural, side-effect free, damage control method has been discovered in cucumber, why not try it out and see for yourself?

Just as a pro tip and a cherry on top, numerous women are greatly aroused by the scent of cucumber combined with black licorice. So the next time you go perfume shopping, you know what to add to your shopping cart without fail! Happy sex life to you, Mister!

Medically reviewed by Rishabh Verma, RP