Which man doesn’t want to excel in the challenges life throws his way and in bed as well? History is testament to the fact that some foods do not agree with anatomy and some do. Although, I’m here to answer the question of whether olive oil really does reduce impotence. Don’t worry I’m not going to keep you guessing. YES! It does but it is imperative for you to read below to grasp this idea fully.

Whilst olive oil is cultivated in numerous countries, the Mediterranean region is its most popularly recognized home. There is enough research to prove that even overall Mediterranean diets are conducive to good health. They not only minimize the risk of metabolic syndromes such as diabetes, but also ensure blood vessel health, smooth blood circulation and management of obesity.

Even whilst purchasing olive oil, you will find that it is produced by many companies. The best bet for you, though, is to narrow in on the cold or virgin set of olive oils having sexual benefits. Virgin olive oil and sex. Funny right? This also means that it is squeezed from fresh olive fruit. Olive oil is extremely rich in vitamin E, which greatly helps to increase the sperm count in men. In turn, it increases performance and sexual ability.

A study observed the daily diet of 660 men, with the average age of about 67 years, over a specific duration of time. Their aim was to deduce whether there are any advantages of Mediterranean diets, including olive oil, on the sexual performance of men. Packed with legumes, nuts, unrefined carbs, fruit, vegetables and generally high intakes of fish and dairy, significant improvements in the sexual health of the sample was recorded. Moreover, the continuation of this diet, consuming lots of olive oil was said to reduce their risk of impotence up to almost 40% in their old age.

Additional studies show that about 9 spoons of olive oil a week is the standard, considerably reducing impotence. This is great news because Viagra and other sexually enhancing supplements already exist in the market, but often have symptoms such as headaches, back pain and visual impairment. Hence, its best to adopt olive oil as a long-term, natural recourse for your sexual troubles. Great health to you!

Medically reviewed by Rishabh Verma, RP