The Ministry of Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy has since long been adopting measures in the direction of a healthier immunity for the population. Instead of worrying and augmenting the stress and anxiety in our bodies, it is best we enhance the body’s very own natural defence system for better well-being.

Keeping in mind not only the current scenario, but also a charted map of our long-term health, AYUSH has come up with certain self-care tips and techniques that one is advised to adhere to. Here they are:

  • The general measures include drinking warm water throughout the day, and washing one’s body and maintaining utmost hygiene levels.
  • The specific measures involve the practice of Pranayama, the popular Yoga asana, for at least 30 minutes every single day so as to facilitate free and unlaboured breathing.
  • Some simple procedures that Ayurveda suggests is the application of sesame or coconut oil on the nostrils in the mornings and evenings to keep one’s nasal cavity lubricated and intact. To extend to oral hygiene, oil pulling therapy is recommended. Herein, one consumes a spoon full of sesame or coconut oil but does not swallow it, swishing and moving it around in the mouth for 2-3 good minutes and spitting out, followed by rinsing your mouth with warm water. Repeat this twice a day.
  • If one is suffering from a normal flu, dry cough or cold, there’s natural treatment for that too. The inhalation of steam has been said to do wonders, especially if supplemented with pudina or mint leaves in the mix. Using caraway seeds (ajwain) with steam is also an additional measure.
  • Clove powder or lavang just with a tad bit of sugar may be consumed 2-3 times a day to get rid of irritation in the throat.
  • Taking Chyawanprash which I’m sure you’re familiar with, is an excellent step as its balanced amalgamation of spices and herbs is said to be extremely beneficial for the entire body. The recommended dosage for this is 10gm every day, preferably in the morning. Remember, you don’t miss out in case you suffer from diabetes because there’s a sugar-free version of this master immunity booster too.
  • These measures are simply to follow not merely because of their minimal instructions, but also because the accessibility to all these herbs like garlic, ginger, haldi or turmeric is predominant and accessible in every household.

Know that these measures can be followed to the extent of an individual’s convenience and medical consultation, but if any of these symptoms persist, please do not self medicate and go visit a specialist or Ayurvedic expert. Wishing you all strength and health!