A study says that older men who use bike riding or cycling, have likely chances to suffer from damage in arteries and nerves, that may lead to erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction or ED is a sexual problem in men wherein they can't maintain an erection required for sexual intercourse. The reason the study suggests that cycling can lead to ED is that the seat of the cycle puts constant pressure on the perineum that can harm the nerves and reduce blood flow, thus making the penis numb and eventually cause ED.

Another study says that cycling does not have any severe threat to health and cannot cause ED or impotence in men. The study also states that it found no direct relation between high amounts of cycling and infertility or erectile dysfunction.

However, if you are a regular bike rider and concerned about developing erection issues, then you can focus upon saddle shape, handlebar height, and type of bike.

Research suggests that a wide, well-padded saddle and a gel-filled seat with a nose length of around 6 centimetres are to be considered in a bicycle. The handlebar height should be such that it should have minimum pressure on the perineum. The cycle should allow the rider to have a laid-back reclining position to avoid the possibilities of developing ED.

So, in case you are new to cycling and have started feeling numbness or pain in the penis, then it is recommended that you stop for a week or two to avoid erectile issues. Taking regular breaks in long rides and wearing padded bike shorts can be useful for extra care from erectile problems.

Here we discuss how cycling can give a boost to your sex life and overall health:

1) Cycling can make you attractive to the opposite sex. Have you seen movies of the 1980s and 1990s where the heroes romance heroines on a bicycle? Yes, it's one of the best ways to come closer to your girl and impress her.

2) Cycling is one of the natural, pollution-free, electronic-free forms of physical activity that can reduce your stress levels and make you feel good about your life.

3) Cycling increases your blood flow and promotes cardiovascular health, which both are essential to have a good sex life.

4) It is believed that cycling keeps you younger even if you are above 50 or 60 years, thus making your partner feel sexually and emotionally satisfied.

5) Cycling allows one to explore different new places and spend quality time with themselves or their partners, thus promoting mental well-being.

6) Cycling also allows to burn a lot of calories and build muscles, which are essential for a good physique. Tell me who wouldn't want their husband or partner to be fit and fine. So, staying healthy through cycling is one of the coolest ways to woo your partner.

7) Cycling boosts the immune system and promotes a good quality of sleep. Thus, cyclists generally do not develop anxiety issues and enjoy good relations with their partner and family.

8) Riding a bicycle every day can improve your brainpower and help you make better decisions.