Jay thought he could fool his wife and enjoy an extra-marital affair with his old school friend. But he was caught!!

One would wonder if any aunty might have caught him red-handed romancing his girlfriend in any shopping mall or his friend in an attempt to take revenge might have called Jay's wife and blabbered everything.

But the story here is entirely different. Jay himself left a significant clue for his wife to ask for a divorce, and that's nothing but an app called Fitbit. Even in his worst dreams, Jay might not have thought that Fitbit app, a wearable motivation for everybody, can break his relation. His wife Shreya had synced her and his physical activities on the Fitbit app to encourage each other to stay fit and healthy. When Shreya was out of town, Jay's increasing physical activities at 2 am made Shreya get a major doubt if her husband was cheating on her. When Shreya's calls and text messages were unanswered, she understood that her husband is in an affair with someone else.

Please note: This story is fictional and is a reference to the actual story of Jane Slater's plan of catching her cheating boyfriend.

Here we discuss how to deal with a cheating partner:

1) Accept the situation as it is:

Not every woman is strong enough to accept the unfaithfulness of her partner. But that doesn't mean one can lose hope. Accept the situation as it is and seek an explanation. You have all the rights to know what went wrong in the relationship that made the partner look for love in another girl.

2) Don't turn negative:

It's easy to think negative about your partner's intentions and seek revenge. Tit for tat quote is only useful to read in children's books. But in practical life, humanity is of prime importance. Try to be in your partner's shoes and understand the situation, rather than cribbing about it.

3) Take care of yourself:

It's a difficult time for anyone who confronts a cheating partner. But it's not an end of the relation. Whether you want to stay in the relationship or walk away from it, is entirely your call. In the process, also ensure you don't harm yourself but instead take care of your feelings and health, come what may.

4) Avoid getting into the blame game:

He would say something, the other girl would say something, and you would say something. Everyone has a reason for what they did, and you cannot involve yourself in the stupid blame game that just keeps increasing, without giving any concrete solution. Stay positive, think neutrally and focus on what needs to be done to solve the problem.

5) Approach a Marriage Counsellor:

It's not easy to ignore your problem and carry on with your personal and professional commitments. Unconsciously a lot of things can change you, and it's better if you discuss everything openly with a Marriage Counsellor who can guide you further.

Infidelity is not acceptable for any man or woman. Instead of crying over the past, it's better if you both come to a consensus and turn the next chapter of your life peacefully.