As per women, there are three types of guys out there. The nice guy, the bad guy, and the too nice guy. Now definitely from childhood, you have always been told to be the nice guy or the good guy. But when it comes to dating, does being nice help? Well, no one is asking you to be bad or mean! But too nice a guys often make a few dating blunders that they are not even aware of, but which definitely keeps the lady away for sure! So mister, if you are the goody-goody type guy wondering why haven’t you yet succeeded with your dates, here is a probable list of mistakes that you ever did on a date.

1 Been too nice:

Here again, don’t get me wrong. It’s definitely a good thing to be nice to your date. But too nice? Like you are always asking her if she is okay, or if she is having a good time. Honestly, if a woman is having a good time, you will come to know from her expressions or body language. You don’t need to keep asking her the same.

Similarly, if you did something like, accidentally touched her, and kept apologizing for the same, it makes things awkward. Come on. No one likes someone so good! It kills the fundamental law of attraction and also your chances, at the same time!

2 You let her decide everything:

Did you leave everything to her like where to meet, when to meet, what to order, where to sit? Well, not a good sign. Women like men who can make their own decisions and take the reigns. If you think asking her to decide everything was nice of you, well, it might have been nice, but to her, it seemed like you were incapable of deciding things for yourself! You wouldn’t and weren’t a part of the planning, forget about planning something nice for her. Women love thrill, suspense, and surprise. Here, you killed all three with the same arrow.

3 Telling her that you love her in the first three dates:

It takes a long time to get to know a person. So firstly, it’s incredible if you do find yourself in love with someone on the first date itself. But even if you feel you do, it’s best to keep quiet on the same. This is because telling someone that you like them or love on the first date itself or as a matter of fact, in the first three dates doesn’t sound too normal. It not only puts a question on your general intentions but also makes you look kind of creepy and fake. Also, women love suspense and anticipation build-up when it comes to feelings, it’s like a game, and they want to win it. Once you let the cat out of the bag, the game is over.

4 Asked too many annoying questions:

Now there is a hell lot of difference between a date and an interview. You are not giving her a job, so why ask so many questions and that also boring ones like what’s your favourite food, movie, your likes, dislikes and so on? She must have answered these questions so many times on so many dates! Instead, speak about common interests, activities, the kind of person you are, or about a recent trip that you took, to make things more interesting!

5 Not letting her know that she is sexy and attractive:

Surely you are dating her because you like her, and by liking her, we mean from a mating perspective, not a friendly or sisterly one. So it’s essential to make her realize that you find her sexy and attractive. This can be done in a very subtle way by letting her know at the end of the day, that she was looking kind of hot today or the dress she was wearing made her look really attractive. Instead, if you told her things like ‘I liked the color of your hair’ or ‘the color of your dress was nice’, it would sound way too flat and too dramatic. Women love compliments, and a subtle one admiring her the sexy way would make prospects brighter for you.

Dating mistakes 'too nice' guys make