In today's cut-throat competition, we tend to spend the majority of our time at our workplace and less time with our family and friends. This leads to a work-life imbalance, which affects our physical and emotional health slowly and eventually, our sexual relationship with our partner. Nowadays, as couples don't get to spend quality time with each other, they find it challenging to form meaningful relationships, which leads to misunderstandings, self-doubt and trust issues. Such negativity at a personal level also affects the feelings of love and connectivity between the partners, thus causing Erectile Dysfunction in young men. Is Erectile Dysfunction a permanent problem? In this world of infinite possibilities, I firmly believe that Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is not a permanent problem but a temporary phase in a man's life.

Before I tell you how erectile dysfunction can be reversed, let me tell you what is erectile dysfunction. As per its scientific meaning, Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a condition in which men are unable to achieve or sustain an erection when desired. Is it normal to not get an erection? Yes, it is normal for many men to lose the ability to achieve erection sometimes due to various physical and psychological health factors. One has to contemplate only when the man is not at all able to achieve an erection even for once. In such extreme cases, doctors may suggest medicines, surgery and intensive treatment to cure erectile dysfunction.

At the initial stage, doctors may look at identifying the underlying health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, neurological and heart-related issues. Lifestyle changes and natural remedies may also be suggested in curing erectile dysfunction. Here we discuss some natural ways to reverse ED: Anxiety and depression affect the sexual health in many men. Practising relaxation methods such as meditation, listening to soft music and journalling can eliminate negative thought process and lowering anxiety levels. Staying physically active by signing up for a yoga program at a nearby institute or watching YouTube videos to start with basic exercises can improve metabolism and reduce the risk of major physical health issues.

Spending quality time with loved one by going for short walks, shopping together, visiting relatives and mutual friends can go a long way in building long-term and positive relationships. Stay cool and calm. Take it easy. Don't get into self-destruction mode. You are as capable as anyone else is in this world. Do not let your sex problem or to be specific, Erectile Dysfunction affects your self-esteem. With proper care and medication, this phase too, shall pass!