Gone are the days when women used to be shy and timid. Yes, that's my belief and a fact. However, in some parts of India, you can still find women wearing traditional attire and covering their face with dupatta or ghoonghat out of their willingness or societal pressure. Indian women have evolved to a considerable extent that even the media or entertainment industry fail to portray them in the right manner. For example, if a woman wears short skirts, she will be judged. Whereas if a woman is submissive, she will be the one with whom a man would like to settle down in his life.

We still live in such an old-fashioned society that today if I speak up on the topic in front of 50 people that "women too have sexual desires like men", I will probably be thrown out of the auditorium or looked down upon by the audience to highlight such a sensitive topic that is expected to be discussed only behind the curtains. Well, now that I am not in an auditorium, so here I present the 5 things that media will not tell you about women's sex drive or libido:

1.  A woman too can feel lustful for a man and let me tell you that it doesn't mean her sex drive needs treatment or she is out of her mind. It only means she also has sexual desires that only she feels her male partner can fulfil.

2.   A woman asking a man out for a date doesn't mean she has a higher libido. It just means that she is confident enough to express her feelings for the man and is interested in taking the relationship ahead.

3.   A woman too can watch movies that are higher on love-making scenes, alone or with friends, because no film comes with a certificate that it's only for men to enjoy. The act shows the woman's eagerness and curiosity to know how she will fulfil her sexual urges.

4.   A woman too can think of dating two men at the same time (if she is not sure about who makes her feel more happy and satisfied). No rulebook says that only men can ‘explore options’.

5.    A woman can also imagine or ask her partner to for sex before marriage. She also wants to know what she is signing up from a long-term perspective.

Nowadays, media companies focus only on what's trending and what gives them more mileage. Yes, you can still find "women empowerment" keyword in the headlines of top newspapers or news websites, but very few take the risk of exploring women's sex drive, which according to me, isn't a taboo subject anymore. Hopefully, things will change soon.

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