Premature Ejaculation (PE) is a health condition in which a man ejaculates very quickly (in less than a minute) and without control shortly before or during sexual intercourse. Nowadays, PE is a common complaint among many men having sex problems. Many biological and psychological factors may lead to premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation can also drastically affect the physical and mental health in men if not addressed at the right time.

Although the condition is treatable, unnecessarily worrying about premature ejaculation can lead to poor body image and anxiety in men. Also, as there is low awareness, some men keep it to themselves and suffer alone whole life while some men become distant from their partners, thus affecting the couple's sexual intimacy. Consulting a urologist, who specialises in problems related to male reproductive organs, is an excellent option to get a clarity of the possible physical and personal factors that is contributing to premature ejaculation.

So, can a urologist treat premature ejaculation? Well, it depends. If your leading cause of premature ejaculation is due to medical conditions such as urinary tract infections, erectile dysfunction, prostate cancer, male infertility and so on, then urologist can give you proper medications and suggest assistive reproductive techniques.

If there are psychological factors that are responsible for early ejaculation, then a urologist may recommend you to consult a sex therapist who can provide behavioural therapy and counselling to delay ejaculation and last long on the bed.

If you are contemplating to visit a urologist, you can ask him the following questions: Why do I ejaculate so quickly? Can I have medicines to delay ejaculation?

Will the medication have any side-effects? How can I overcome the guilt and embarrassment? Can I visit a counsellor with or without my partner?

A combination of both medicines and therapy can be an effective solution to treat premature ejaculation. More than anything else, a strong mindset is needed. To get treated entirely, you need to believe in yourself, your abilities and the love for your partner. There is a cure only where there is trust. So, relax and be positive that everything will be fine sooner or later.

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