The skin around the groin is sensitive and harbours different micro-organisms. Some are protective ones, and some can cause fungal infections and other skin conditions. Cleansing this area is of paramount importance for you and your partner’s health. Vaginal douching is a common practice among females, but personal hygiene in men is less talked about in society. Intimate wash for men comes with the right ingredients and recommended pH value.

Why do men need an intimate wash?

Sit down and think about the skin down there is not very much exposed to sunlight or exterior environment. Sweat and sebum gets accumulated in those areas and generates foul odour and increases the chances of opportunistic infections like yeast or candida. A foul-smelling scent can emphasize how well you take care of yourself. Some of these bacteria are too stubborn to be killed by regular soaps and shampoo and cause itchiness, redness, bumps, or sores. Well, these symptoms require immediate medical attention, but all of this can be avoided if proper hygiene is maintained down there.

How to use them?

There is nothing tricky or time-consuming process for using intimate washes. Best to do it while taking a shower. Here are a few pointers about how men can use intimate wash and keep their groin clean:

  • Wash the groin with lukewarm or warm water. Warm water helps to open pores for deep cleansing.
  • Take a coin size amount of the product or as directed.
  • Form rich and foamy lather. Foamy lather helps to reduce the surface tension providing effective cleaning of the pores.
  • Rub the area gently ensuring to cover the top part with the lather.
  • You can leave it for a minute or can wash it immediately.

What precautions to take?

Intimate washes have passed all grounds of safety, but few precautions are necessary:

  • Choose the product according to your skin type. If you have any known hypersensitivity, you can ask your doctor before using it.
  • Be extra careful and very gentle when working in that area. Any jiffy could land you in a difficult situation.
  • Too much warm water is not suitable for your genitals and decreases the sperm count.
  • They are recommended to be used twice daily. Do not overuse it.
  • Do not combine your intimate wash with any other product. Use one product at a time.
  • Never use intimate washes on inflamed skin as they can carry bacteria to the other sensitive regions.

Sexual health is of utmost importance to any man. Considering physical and organic factors for the deteriorating function is often inaccurate. Introducing the use of intimate wash may look like a task but look at the bigger picture:

  • You are feeling fresh and clean.
  • No untimely itchiness or encountering awkward situations.
  • You are prepared for a surprise date night.
  • Decreased risk of Sexually transmitted infections or HIV.

Intimate hygiene practices in men should see more light of the day, and society should embrace it as a routine practice. An excellent intimate wash is designed specifically for sensitive areas. Choosing the right product leaves less room for side-effects and gives optimal results after a few washes. Intimate washes are must for you.

Medically reviewed by Rishabh Verma, RP