Erectile dysfunction (ED) becomes more prevalent when men get older. It happens when a guy is incapable of keeping an erection hard enough for sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction can occur occasionally and randomly and could be a chronic problem. And several causes can contribute to both temporary and chronic ED. One possible explanation for the temporary erectile dysfunction is dehydration. For a man to have an erection, many of the body's systems have to work together in harmony (ED can occur even if one area is off. If fluid levels are too low because of dehydration then the erection isn't firm enough for sex). Let's understand how dehydration can cause ED.

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Hydration and sexual health

From an erection to orgasm, a lot of the body's systems have to work together correctly. Everything is necessary for an erection, whether it is the blood pumping through the body or the nerves around the penis. ED can occur even if one area of the body isn't working correctly. Including sexual health, hydration is an essential component for overall health. Otherwise, your body may experience complications and side effects which can lead to erectile dysfunction.

  1. Always remember that the more hydrated your body is, the higher your volume of plasma and blood cells. Moreover, it facilitates efficient blood flow through your arteries and veins. ED occurs when the penis cannot get enough nutrient and oxygen-rich blood to maintain an erection.
  2. Your body starts to create a hormone called angiotensin (which causes blood vessels to tighten or constrict) when fluid levels in your body fall. This can prevent adequate blood flow through the body and lead to an increase in blood pressure which includes the blood flow to the penis.
  3. Do you know that increased blood pressure can reduce sexual satisfaction? Also, high blood pressure can damage the arteries and blood vessels too (it makes them narrower, harder and reduces blood flow permanently). Reduced blood flow can lower the sexual desire and ultimately reduce sensation in the penis.
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Symptoms of dehydration

The first and foremost indicator (reduced) of hydration status is thirst. Remember that, you're already dehydrated if you're thirsty. Do you want to observe your hydration situation? The best way is to pay attention to other symptoms of dehydration which include:

  • the reduced amount and frequency of urination
  • dark-coloured urine
  • dry tongue and mouth
  • lack of stamina
  • dizziness
  • fatigue
  • confusion
  • disoriented feeling

If not treated quickly, dehydration can become severe and cause several complications in your sex life, which include:


kidney stones, infections and failure

muscle cramps



heat exhaustion

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