Intimacy in a relationship depends on a lot of aspects, including emotional and physical. It need not only mean sex. It's a much broader concept than that. It is an interpersonal relationship that involves a desire to belong or to be loved. Such desires are usually satisfied in an intimate relationship. So the need to be in a close relationship is quite apparent. It's mentally and physically satisfying and nurturing. But many relationships go through their phases of ups and downs. Many a time, couples find themselves growing apart, finding that spark missing, without knowing the exact reasons. To prevent such a situation, here are 5 essential tips to help you maintain a healthy and intimate relationship with your partner.

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1 Appreciate: Appreciating our partner is something that we fail to do many a time. Even if we like something that they did for us, we just forget to word it. This can be harmful to the relationship. When was the last time you appreciated your partner for not waking you up, when you needed a few extra hours of sleep, or standing up for you in front of others? Every small gesture matters and every little appreciation counts. It will not only make your partner feel cared for but also make you realize his or her positive qualities as well as the affection that he or she holds for you. You can ask your partner to do the same for you as well.

2 Respect: No relationship can survive without respect. Rather lack of respect is one of the most common causes of relationships falling apart. However fond you might be of a person, the thought of hugging someone tight, who has no respect for you, or your work or achievements, is entirely disturbing. To strengthen both the physical and emotional intimacy, you need to learn to respect each other. This is the base of an intimate relationship.

3 Pay attention: Lack of attention leads to a lack of intimacy. When your partner is telling you something, try and listen to her carefully. You could be an excellent multitasker, or her timings may be wrong, but put aside whatever you are doing for the while and give him or her the attention for the moment. It makes the other person feel much more connected to you. Ignoring your partner or not giving them their due attention, leaves them with the feeling that they are not important enough for you.

4 Plan a date: It is essential to spend some quality time together to bring that spark back into your relationship. A date is a perfect way to get away from the daily hustle-bustle and have some quiet and intimate time together. It can be for a few hours, or it can be for the weekend. Make your partner feel special. Take her to her favourite place or maybe visit the place where you guys met for the first time. It also gives you an opportunity to talk to each other, leading to a better understanding and emotional connection.

5 Give space: For any relationship to grow, you need to give each other space. Being always on top of each other doesn't help at all. If she wants to go out with her friends, let her go. If he wants to go out for a guys night, let him go. Instead, utilize that time to spend some quality time with yourself. Spending some happy times apart will go a long way in helping you to appreciate your intimate times spent together.