Well, the size of the penis has always been a concern since the time penile strength has been regarded as manhood. There is a humongous amount of surveys (videos/articles/public reviews) that exhibits whether penis size, length, girth matter, or not. Most of the women accept that it does not matter, and some of them say that it does. Well, they have their reasons and explanation as to why they choose to say so.

But we cannot deny the fact that the ones who are the most concerned about the penis size are men themselves. And it is quite embarrassing for them.

What is the average penis size?

Does it need to be clear that by size, what does one mean? Is it the length or the girth of the penis when fully erect? The average length of a penis when flaccid is around 3.5 inches and 5.1 to 5.7 when fully erect. And, the average circumference of a penis is 3.5 inches when flaccid and about 4.7 inches when erect.

Even though science has defined the average size of a penis, there is no such thing as penis size in general. It is the way you choose to enjoy with your partner that matters the most.

How did penis size come into the picture?

In the ancient portraits, we do not experience a view of enlarged penises because it might not have mattered at the time.

Since the time when the porn industry was introduced to us in the late 1800s or early 1900s, people started getting obsessed with the actor’s body part sizes, performances, and positions during intercourse. It didn’t only affect the masses as a tool of self-sexual pleasure or masturbation but also the science of sex or Kamasutra as a whole.

Since then, pornography has evolved into a whole new world, and it has been depicting faulty pictures in the minds misguiding the real pleasure that sex provides. Porn does not help in a better sexually active lifestyle, but it definitely evokes the sense of unrealistic desires with its misrepresentation.

Well, a healthy person can perform better in bed, but does the size of the penis or women organs really matter while performing? Absolutely not.

So, does penis size matter, and do women care about it? The answer is, “NO.” Women actually love the way a man uses his penis rather than its size.

How to enlarge a penis?

There are several advertisements for oils, drugs, lotions, and other medical treatments that guarantee an increase in the size of the penis. But they are nothing more than a hoax and ways to drain out all your time, money, and energy. Besides, they are also very harmful to your health and sometimes fatal as well. There are natural ways like exercise and foods that can help you increase the penis size, but it cannot happen overnight. You have to be consistent with your diet and lifestyle to achieve a little extra than what you already have.

So how to enjoy the most in bed “with all penis sizes?”

While sex doesn’t only mean to have penetration, there are a lot of skill levels, enthusiasm, respect, and confidence that mostly drive women crazy. These traits have nothing to do with the penis size, and all women might agree to this.

Have a conversation with your partner before having sex the next time. Ask her appropriate questions to educate yourself.

To give you a head up, women need some amount of stimulation for an orgasm before penetration. It is the clitoris that is on the surface itself, and that is rubbed and stimulates sexual satisfaction in women instead of depth.


Well, while penis size doesn’t really matter, what matters is how one uses it. Sometimes large sizes can be very painful while smaller ones do wonders.