Love Eating Spicy Food? That Is What Secretly Makes You Last Long

We all like to add a little spice every now and then in our lives and in our food. But do you experience an unexplained pleasure every time something spicy hits your taste buds and burns it? Well if yes, your this capsaicinophilic trait of yours can work in your favour in the most unexpected way. 

The claim comes from a French study. Performed under the name and guidance of the University of Grenoble, the study tested 114 men as a subject. The men were between the age of 20 to 45 years. These men were given spicy food for a brief period of time. Surprisingly, their testosterone level increased and their partners claimed that they performed their bedroom duties better. The researchers were not able to figure out how exactly spicy food affected the male sex hormone level positively, but it did show results. On the contrast, men eating a minimal to zero-spicy diet for a while noticed a small drop in their testosterone level. 

Another research conducted by OnePoll in association with El Yucateco, a Mexican hot sauce brand tells the same story but in a different way. The research was done in the form of a survey in which 2000 people participated. The survey had questions related to a person's preference for eating spicy food, love for spices and sex life. The results reflected that people who ate more spice in their food were twice more sexually active than people who did not like eating spicy food. 

That is not all, another study done in the USA found that people who switched ketchup with habanero sauce, are more outgoing, adventurous, and got indulged in sports, roller coasters, loud music, etc. And these kinds of likings clearly indicates that sudden testosterone rush in the body. 

So which all ingredients in your kitchen cabinet can make you a 'sex king'? Here is the list - 

  1. Dried Chilies - Dried chillies are an essential part of any spice box. These whole dried peppers can give your food and sex life a zing. 
  2. Ginger - Not everyone's favourite ingredient, Ginger can give a mild heat to your dishes and bedroom duties.
  3. Garlic - Garlic to works in giving your food that edgy and strong flavours. Moreover, it is a lesser-known aphrodisiac.
  4. Jalapeño - Yes, that beautiful pizza topping is actually a green pepper and works just like its red sibling. 
  5. Mustard - The spiciness of whole grain mustard and mustard powder adds warmth in your food and libido. 
  6. Garam Masala - This 'hot mix of spices' creates a unique spectrum of heat and flavours in your favourite dish and favourite late-night activity. 

If you are a man who loves turning on the heat while feeding yourself, you might find it a good habit for you in the long run. I mean the whole idea of having a hit show under the bedsheet at the cost of having a 30 minutes lava bomb disposal session in the toilet every morning, is not that bad a deal, right? 

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