Men don’t need sex to stay alive, unlike how it is perceived. For most individuals, men and women alike, sex is a good stress buster. It is also an excellent way of making a bond with their partners. A good sex life certainly adds to the overall well-being and happiness of men.

On the other hand, any dissatisfaction in sexual relations easily adds up to the frustration in everyday life. To add to it, if you are experiencing erectile dysfunction or any other sexual problems, the stress levels are certainly higher.

Just like sex addiction can hamper your work life, erectile dysfunction, if not addressed or treated in time can affect it too. A study published in The International Journal of Clinical Practice suggests that erectile dysfunction can reduce productivity at work.

The study was conducted in 8 countries including the USA, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK. The responses highlighted that long-term erectile dysfunction can impair one’s ability to focus on important activities at work and thus affect their productivity.

It can also add to stress in personal life. Low levels of testosterone are one of the contributing factors to ED. Moreover, due to low testosterone men often experience fatigue which transfers to work.

How to manage ED and its effects on work-life?

Addressing erectile dysfunction and its treatment is the ideal solution to bring back the focus on your personal and work life.

  • Physical exercises: These not only help you stay fit but also improve blood circulation. Exercise enhances the effects of any supplements that you take for ED. Exercising daily can help you get rid of the fatigue and be active at work.
  • Speak to your partner: It is not advisable to suffer alone. Discuss the problem with your partner. Accepting the problem will not only help you find a treatment but also keep all the frustration that builds due to embarrassment.
  • Treatment: Vacuum devices, supplements, and penile injection therapies are some ways to treat erectile dysfunction. Early diagnosis can help your doctor address the problem better.
  • Speak to a counsellor: If ED is bogging you down with stress and interfering with your routine work too, it is best to speak to a counsellor. A change of perspective and positivity will help you bring back the lost focus.
Ed and Work Stress