Sex always feels good, and the general thought is the more, the merrier! Well, we all know that it is an important part of any romantic relationship and without it, the relationship would be incomplete in many terms. But does it mean the more the activity, the happier you are? Well, various researches conducted over the years have a different point of view of the same. Let us see, what does science have to say about the bonding between sex and happiness!

To find the relationship between happiness and sex, 152 adults were studied, who were asked to maintain a daily diary for 21 days which included the number of episodes of sex and the feelings of well-being and happiness linked to the same.It was found that if someone had sex on day one, they naturally felt happier on the 2nd day. Also, the more sexual pleasure, the happier the individual felt. But feeling happy on a particular day didn’t lead to having sex or engaging in sexual activity the next day. Thereby making it clear that sex definitely leads to happiness, even if happiness may not lead to sex.

Coming to the same topic, psychologists from Canada and Switzerland, found a slightly different view on the same. They found happiness had more to do with post-coital cuddling and affection than sex and orgasm itself. This study, which was published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin found that signs of affection and chatting were responsible for long-term happiness.

For this study, 335 people who were in a relationship were surveyed and asked about how often they had sex along with how much affection was shown in their relationship, like hugging, kissing, etc. It was found that those with a lot of affection like cuddling, hugging and kissing in their relationship, had a higher level of happiness than those with just sex. Thus, not only sex but the amount of physical affection and love that a couple shows for each other plays an important role in their happiness.

Also, as per this study, it was found that couples who had sex once a week were happier than couples who had it more often. While those who had sex once a week reported more satisfaction from their relationship, those who engaged in more sex reportedly didn’t have any extra benefits. This led the lead researcher Amy Muise to conclude that although having more sex led to more happiness, it didn’t hold any significance when the number increased to more than once a week. Rather what was more important was for the couple to spend more intimate moments with each other, rather than getting busy under the sheets every day!

Also, various studies that have been conducted over the years have shown a strong link between sex and various physical and psychological benefits, that is essential for your well-being and happiness, like:

  • Sex is a known stress remover. Touching, hugging and sexual intimacy leads to the release of the hormones endorphins that leads to a feel-good factor, promoting bonding and calmness.
  • If you suffer from horrible migraine pains, then having frequent sex or sex during the pain, can provide relief from the same. While around 60% of people reported an improvement in their pain if they had sex during a migraine, around 70% reported moderate to complete relief from the same.
  • Men, who had more sexual intercourse especially PVI (Penile-Vaginal Intercourse) were at a lesser risk of suffering from prostate cancer. But again, this is more linked to ejaculation than sex itself, with studies showing men who ejaculated 21 times in a week, were at a 20% lower risk of developing prostate cancer than the rest.
  • Having frequent sex may also help you in matters of the heart, including both psychological and physical. Sex has been linked to lowering the risks of heart attacks. This is because sexual activities help to keep hormones like estrogen and testosterone in check. In a study, it was seen that men who had sex at least two times a week, were 50% less likely to die of a heart attack than those who were less sexually active.

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