Solid thick black hair, masculine looks, strong muscles are what all men aspire to have. Looks play an important role in human personality. As it defines their character and dignity to a certain extent.

Are you experiencing those cranky days which usually women often crib about, the hair fall? Well, if you are facing the issue of hair-fall, then you know what we are talking about. You start seeing baldness seriously and the topic itself is no more a joke to you.

If you think it is negligible, you just need to take a back seat and relax. But if you have recently started seeing hair strands more than ever in your comb, on your pillow, or in the shower, it indicates balding in progress!

Go ahead to compare your current self to the pictures of before. If you notice a receding hairline, you are getting closer to androgenic alopecia, commonly known as male pattern baldness.

Misters, do not stress up! as this will only add-up to your problem. We recommend you to start working on grooming yourself more carefully than before. You can do that by taking good care of your hair and avoiding the errors below:

Early prevention

Men can start losing hair as early as in their twenties. You must keep a close eye on your hair-fall. Increasing and noticeable strands around you, like on your shirt, pillow, in the shower, or simply when you ruffle your hair requires attention.

The by-product of testosterone blocks hair follicle and this can happen even when your body is producing high levels of testosterone. Stick to a regular routine for grooming yourself. You must provide your scalp with a good environment for hair growth. Use a mild but deep cleansing product to unclog pores or blockages on your scalp.

Give time to grooming

When you have to rush for work or to catch your daily routine, you may just quickly step out of the shower but grooming requires investing a little of your time. You should regularly spend few minutes lathering your hair when in the shower. Massage is good and this stimulation through lathering improves blood flow in your scalp. It will also relieve you from stress which is one of the triggers of baldness. Don’t rush to come out of the shower and get head massages!

Go for a short hair cut

It is a misconception that long hair cuts can cover up for hair thinning but you don’t land into such misunderstanding. Short hair works better to seamlessly blend lengths. You can create a short hairstyle that suits your personal features. Consider going for reverse shaving a few times. Remember short hair is on-trend too.

A good barber

You need a good barber who is experienced in haircuts because they know how to disguise hair thinning. Unfortunately, shorter hair can’t hide the egg-sized bald spot on the crown. A rough crop of about 1-2 inches (ca. 5 cm) on top would be nice. Varying length slightly from the top to the sides will give you the appearance of thicker hair. Avoid parting your hair and focus on texturing or feathering your thatch to create an illusion of thickness.

Wrong styling products

Men often feel lost when trying to figure out what grooming products to pick. The confusion along with the issue of hair-fall increases. The first thing you should really ditch is those fancy wet-look gels or waxes. You can opt for lightweight products that give dry, lustrous, and matte look without being greasy. Do not continue using different types of shampoos if you are not sure.

We recommend consulting an expert to get help for your hair-fall situation. S/he can suggest you the best cosmetic/cleansing/oiling products for your hair. Don’t try to follow the trail on your own experimenting with thousands of products available in the market. Remember, it is over a billion-dollar industry and every brand claims they are the best. But, the only best product for you is what suits you.

groming mistakes that cause hair to fall