This might come as a shock for some but studies have found that having sex brings countless health benefits. From beating cancer to even smashing stress, sex can provide you with numerous well-being aids. Keep reading below to know how you can take those benefits in the best way possible.

Get rid of stress

Do you often attend board meetings? This is how you should prep yourself for it. Touch has a natural calming effect and this significantly increases when someone, who you care about touches you. It reduces your levels of the stress hormone called cortisol as you also experience pleasure along.

You are likely to respond better to stressful situations during your work-time or the meeting if you had sex last night, suggests one of the studies published in the journal Biological Psychology.

How can you make it better?

For having greater benefits in your sex life, listen to this advice from a sexual psychologist—go for sexual positions that maximize your body contact with your partner. You can try spooning, sitting together on a single chair facing each other, etc.

Dodge Cold

Immunoglobulin A is an antibody that protects us from infections like cold. As per the research conducted at Wilkes University in the US, having sex, twice a week can increase the immunoglobulin A levels by 20%. Now you know how sex can also beat a cold and the flu for you.

How can you make it better?

While doctors suggest taking honey, therapists believe that intensity and fun is the key to boost natural antibodies. Studies point that couples indulged in vigorous sex are less prone to catching a cold. They recommend moving around and trying all sorts of the position that you can.

Try ‘sexy scissors’ in which she lays down on the edge of the bed with her left leg over your right shoulder and right leg over your left. Then trap your penis inside her by swinging her ankles in and out to the sides.

Beat Aging

A study conducted by Royal Edinburgh Hospital based in the UK concluded that if you have sex four times a week then you are likely to look 10 years younger than an average adult. Dr David Weeks, who conducted the study, says that the pleasure derived from sex helps the body release adrenaline, dopamine and norepinephrine.

They are essential for upholding youth. Sex also triggers a human growth hormone which combats the environmental pollutants and against the side effects of other exposure. As per Dr Weeks, those hormones preserve skin cell walls and relax muscles. This, in turn, protects your skin from getting wrinkled.

How can you make it better?

It should be intimate and loving intercourse between you and your partner where you keep your anxiety and insecurities aside especially those which relate to age driven factors. Dr Weeks says that long-term couples give emphasis on foreplay and cuddling.

As per him, cuddling should last for a minimum of 15 minutes to initiate the chemical response. Do it before as well as after the sex to take full advantage of this.

The Pain Killer

Orgasm can decrease the sensitivity of your pain by almost 50%. According to the research published in the Bulletin of Experimental Biology, the endorphins levels in the human body are naturally triggered to spike up to third in a matter of minutes by sex. This hormone is also referred to as a natural painkiller.

Although sex can ease pain quickly it cannot replace medicines as it can’t be as effective as the high-powered available drugs. There is evidence supporting the fact that it helps with a wide range of conditions like usual back-pain, a migraine, arthritis, etc.

How can you make it better?

Research conducted by Surrey University found that eating fruit salad an hour before sex actually maximizes the pain relief. Fruits like black grapes and oranges are high in vitamin C, B, B12 and potassium. They help in overcoming any deficiency and promote endorphin highs.

Although when you are in pain, you definitely can’t have vigorous sex you can begin with long and slow strokes. Focus on grinding rather than shunting and for that, you can try “starfish” position – you lie on the bed and let her come on top of you or alternatively you can also go for “scissoring.”

Defy Cancer

As per one of the studies, men who ejaculated seven times a week in their 20s were found to be over a third less likely to develop aggressive prostate cancer later in life than men who only did thrice a week. Professor Graham Giles from Cancer Council Victoria who is the study author suggests that frequent ejaculation prevents carcinogens from building in the prostate ducts. Ejaculating simply flushes out those ducts.

Take benefit of sex not just for sexual pleasure but also for beating several health issues as now you know how to do it better.

Medically reviewed by Rishabh Verma, RP

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