If you don’t know exercise is good for your health, you’ve probably been living under a rock, but what people don’t seem to grasp is that sexual health is also benefited by exercise. Being healthy overall involves some lifestyle changes, and if you can help your heart and blood pressure by exercising, why not help spice up your sex life? While sex itself is a workout, let’s talk about how, biologically speaking, exercise can help you have better and pleasurable sex.

If you don’t have any medical conditions and want to improve your sex drive, might we suggest nature’s own viagra in the form of a sex hormone? Testosterone is the primary precursor when it comes to a man’s sex drive - when the levels of testosterone decrease, it causes performance inadequacies.

How does exercise tie in? When you exercise - especially strength training-, the levels of testosterone increases a lot, which helps improve your sex drive. With researchers like epidemiologists and studies on middle-aged men showing an increase in sexual activity and function with exercise, we have another reason why you should probably get that gym membership. Your blood flow increases during exercising, so you can see how that could better your sexual function.

Ego and psychology can also be brought into the matter - the better you think you look, the more confident you are. Physicality isn’t the only thing when it comes to sex. Your mind plays a huge role when it comes to sexual performance. Feeling sexually desirable can help improve how you feel during sex, not only increasing your libido but helping in making your experience a much more pleasurable one. We all know that sex means multiple positions, and exercise can help make you much stronger and flexible, along with increasing your endurance and stamina. So you can look forward to going for more than just one round!

There are a few exercises you can try to begin with: kegels, yoga, weight lifting, and even fast walking. Walking at a fast pace is said to help with erectile dysfunction (ED) because it helps in increasing blood circulation - the same reason it probably helps keep heart conditions at bay. This helps keep your blood vessels clear, which aid in stronger and longer erections.

Sexual health is also benefited from vigorous exercise such as running. This is because it releases endorphins. Endorphins make you feel pleasant and relaxed, which helps in boosting sexual performance. Of course, too much of anything is never the answer - overtraining has been reported to in fact decrease testosterone levels. Studies have shown that vigorous exercise can lower libidos which most average men don’t need to worry about - unless you’re training insanely. So keep the exercising to a reasonable minimum, and well, you can decide how much sex you want to have. While most old philosophies state that sex reduces aggression and strength, there is no reliable research to prove it. We do know this much though, exercise, in general, does help better your health; benefits to your sexual health is just a bonus.