Erection issues can make you disappointed and leave you embarrassed. It is not just a huge turn off for your partner, but it also affects both of you emotionally. Many men who have Erectile Dysfunction (commonly known as ED) hide their emotions and often refuse to see a doctor. Are you too in a similar situation?

Though visiting a doctor is a must if you are facing a loss of erection and if it persists longer than a year, we recommend a healthy diet and active lifestyle along with the prescribed medications for the battle against ED. The right food with proper nutrition always keeps you away from health issues. When we say diet, it could be a balanced diet or a Mediterranean Diet.

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What is the Mediterranean Diet?

It contains all the healthy stuff! This type of diet includes whole grains, fruits, vegetables, herbs, beans, and nuts. It also categorizes moderate amounts of seafood, poultry, eggs, cheese, and yogurt under it.

Why should you have the Mediterranean Diet?

According to the research conducted by the Greek scientist, it is said that the Mediterranean diet could help men suffering from ED apart from lowering their risk for heart problems. Erectile Dysfunction is a health issue that causes the inability to have an erection in men. This is generally caused due to insufficient blood flow to maintain an erection in the penis. ED and heart problems are interlinked in a few cases like Atherosclerosis, which is a condition where the arteries get hardened. It is common that people having Atherosclerosis show ED as the first symptom or sign for this heart disease. For good heart health, doctors recommend the Mediterranean diet, which in turn helps solve issues like ED.

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As many as 75 men with ED were asked to complete a questionnaire for a survey conducted by the Greek scientists to assess how diligently they followed the Mediterranean diet. The survey resulted that men who did not maintain the diet were more prone to suffer from cardiovascular issues.

How can you schedule your Mediterranean Diet?

As you have already read that men following a strict regime with the Mediterranean Diet have had positive results, especially for them suffering from cardiovascular issues along with ED. We will walk you through the menu of the Mediterranean Diet.

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First, what to drink and cherish?

Water! Water should be your go-to drink all the time. The more you drink water, the toxins from your body will flush more. Red wine is also allowed but only in a moderate amount, like one glass a day. Coffee and tea are acceptable with little or no sugar. Completely avoid sweet beverages such as fruit packaged juices and carbonated drinks.

What exactly can you eat?

Your meal in large quantities or frequencies should consist of fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, seeds, herbs, and seafood, preferably cooked in extra virgin olive oil.

You can moderately consume eggs, fish, poultry, and cheese but avoid having meat frequently.

Say no to sweets/desserts, foods prepared in refined oils or processed foods, junk foods, and foods like bread, pasta made in refined wheat.

Better Erections with Misters Bold

Mediterranean Diet is helpful for those with ED and cardiovascular issues. It is also useful in keeping you fit and healthy in general. Following such a diet will keep you away from various health problems and will also build up your resistance and stamina. Don’t get into thinking, take action, and choose your lifestyle now.

Medically reviewed by Rishabh Verma, RP