Have you ever felt the urge of texting back your prospective date after the first meet? Having unending, infectious thoughts of the one you’re solely interested in? Does he/she think I’m too interested in them? The answers to these questions have long been debated.

Is ‘playing too hard to get’ more plausible than ‘hiding your feelings’ while establishing a relationship?

Some feel being an open book towards him/her is the way to attract their crush. Relationships have always had the stereotype of being honest and discussing everything the couple feels for each other at the very start. But think about it this way: what if you began your relationship with a dash of spontaneity and impulse? Not knowing how they feel about you will always make you want them more! Being unaware of your partner’s feelings builds an interest into him/her eventually.

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Mystery and curiosity into your partner’s likes, dislikes, and interests are said to be attractive. It gives you more reasons to cling on to your feelings for them. Well, there is a scientific insight to prove this fact. According to a recent study published in the journal Psychological Science, creating uncertainty in a relationship can actually keep the flames and sparks burning between the couple. It’s called the aphrodisiac effect of not knowing how much they actually like you. A research experiment conducted by Erin Whitchurch, Tim Wilson and Dan Gilbert suggested that the women that were showed profiles of men as a part of the experiment ended up choosing the 'mystery' men over the men who they knew liked them.

So, how exactly can one establish a prospective relationship if they are curious to find out more about their prospective mate. Yes, giving crystal clear signs that you like him/her can be a bold and confident move that may attract some. But the question of what next will always keep triggering. Since you’re already aware of the feelings you have for each other, there is nothing more to find out and be intrigued about. However, showing you’re busy with something else can actually make your partner crave your attention more. Subtly letting them know that you can do without them can actually make him/her think of you the whole time. Why? Cause curiosity! Although this phenomenon really explodes waves of attraction between a couple, the catch here is that your target must really like you.

Playing hard to get is like an experimental litmus test before beginning any relationship. If your partner is into you, then keeping yourself a little distant will only make their hearts grow fonder. And if you don’t ever hear back, you gotta walk away confidently as it simply wasn’t meant to be!

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