Relationships are a complicated game. It has your emotions, time, feelings, insecurities, and whatnot involved. This is why that love heart-break pains a lot. However, a lot of times, there is no ‘love’ involved in a loving relationship. You need examples? I’ll give you one. How about a rebound relationship? Okay, I know there is no such term, but admit it, such kind of a relationship exists in everyone’s life at some point in time.

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Rebounds can be a risky shot. If the other person involved has no idea about it. But what exactly is a rebound? When someone who recently came out of a relationship jumps into another one to fill up that void in his/her life, that new relationship is a rebound, and the person they are with is merely their rebound guy or girl. This rebound guy or girl can be anyone: me, your best friend, your annoying co-worker, or even you. And there is a high chance that the poor soul doesn’t have a hint about it. So, what to do? Well, next time if you feel that you or somewhere around you might be in a rebound relationship, take out a checklist and tick mark all the points that match from the below listicle. You’ll get your answer!

  • Your partner mostly meets you post-midnight. This is a small yet powerful sign of a rebound relationship. If you and your partner mostly catch up during the late hours and things usually go behind the closed bedroom doors, your partner might be around you to fill the validation of being with someone.
  • You both are together for a couple of months, and you still haven’t met your partner’s close friends and family members, might not seem fishy to you, but it actually is. This can mean that your partner is not serious about the relationship and might not be thinking of being with you for the long-term.
  • Another small yet significant point to notice is your partner’s flow of communication with you. Does he/she regularly get in touch with you? Does he/she sound interested in having a conversation with you? Does he/she communicate the significant things of his/her life to you? If the answer to all or any of this is ‘No’, there are high chances you might be the rebound guy to your partner.
  • Attention is one of the key elements of a stable relationship. If your partner is not attentive and interested in your life events, ambitions, hobbies, and fears, then you must think about your relationship with him/her again. From forgetting your favorite beverage to seeming unbothered about your career graph, your partner can show a lack of interest in you in a lot of ways.

Being someone’s rebound guy is not a stressful situation. This phase comes in everyone’s life. What you should do is keep yourself aware of where your relationship is heading and take actions accordingly so that your emotions don’t get wounded. Remember, entering in a rebound relationship might not be in your hand, but remaining the rebound guy is...

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