The semen volume, sperm quality and quantity can be naturally increased by effectively balancing the sex hormones in the body. It is mostly done by increasing the LH (Luteinizing Hormone), FSH (Follicle-stimulating hormone), and free testosterone levels.

Semen volume apprises how fertile you are or can be. Definitely growing urbanisation, unhealthy lifestyle, and stress levels are some of the primary reasons for a significant decrease in the testosterone levels. Still, it can be reversed if one follows a healthy diet.

There are some superfoods mentioned below in the list. These foods are readily available in the market and are quite cost-effective. Moreover, with proper consumption and a healthy lifestyle, these foods can increase the semen volume and quality in the body and may also increase the sex drive.


You might have heard about the benefits of this superfood many times before. Indeed, along with good overall health, consumption of bananas helps in many ways in a human’s sexual life. Bananas contain many vital nutrients including Vitamin A, C, B, B1, magnesium, protein and bromelain. All these nutrients are essential in the body as they produce and stimulate the sperm count. The vital nutrients available in bananas are also known to increase the sexual hormone and potency which further increases sex drive in the human body.


Garlic, a food that is regarded to increase the taste of every other food if added in a perfect quantity. But, did you know that garlic is not only a taste escalator but also a sperm augmentor. Garlic contains vitamin B6, selenium and allicin. These nutrients are known for its properties that help in libido-boosting and building better immunity. The antioxidant properties in these nutritional values increase the blood flow in the body, prevents sperms from damaging and increases sexual potency. Overall, sperm count is increased when garlic is taken correctly.


Pomegranate is a good source of antioxidants which helps in the increasing the male fertility by increasing the semen volume. Pomegranates have been seen to increase the motility of sperm by strengthening its concentration. This happens because pomegranates increase the amount of clean blood flow and oxygen to the genitals. In history and modern science, there are many instances where pomegranate is considered and demonstrated as a fertility booster.


Tomatoes are the superfood that is rich in lycopene -- a carotenoid-rich in antioxidants. It helps in improving the health of the heart, thus increasing the amount of quality blood flow in the body. Furthermore, these natural agents also help in increasing the semen volume, structure, activity and male fertility. Tomatoes can be consumed in all forms – like puree, juice, the as an addition in vegetables and salad.


Eggs, as we all know, are the most readily available source of protein, zinc and vitamin E. While protein helps in building lean muscles, vitamin E rejuvenates testicular tissues. This helps the genitals to avoid oxidative stress, and thus the production of quality sperm and volume prevails. These properties also help in male infertility.


All the foods mentioned above are agents that carry natural fertility booster. Safely we can say that the nutrients present in these foods are in abundance and they increase the semen volume, motility and virility if taken regularly in a disciplined routine. These foods are not only healthy but tasty and free of any harmful side effects as well.

Medically reviewed by Rishabh Verma, RP