Can there be a feeling as sensuous, as romantic and as satisfying as sex? Well, unlikely. As someone rightly said ‘ Sex is more than just the act of pleasure. It makes you feel so close so connected so comfortable with that person, that it makes you a part of them’. So even if you are having a great sex life, or you feel something is amiss in it, here are 8 tips that would help ignite the fire in bed!

1 Build up the mood: We all anticipate the main movie based on the trailer. Same stands for good sex. Start building up the mood for it from the beginning of the day, with a few passionate kisses, a few sensual touches, hugs and obviously some subtle hints that more lies ahead. By the end of the day, you both won’t be able to wait to get under those sheets for some real action!

2 Say yes to foreplay: Foreplay is at times, more important than the sex itself! It helps stimulate, both the mind and body for some really good sex. Especially women need to be hugged, kissed, sensually touched and caressed for lubricating the vagina, which leads the path for smooth intercourse.

3 Try new positions: Is missionary your standard position? Well, its time to try something new, to add that extra spice to your sex life. It doesn’t have to be something weird but it can definitely be different. After all, who doesn’t like a little spice in life!

4 Focus on fragrance and style: Sometimes a couple gets too comfortable with each other, that they forget to focus on what to wear in bed. Your baggy pajamas might not exactly be the right thing to turn your partner on.  For men, a wet body after a shower, smelling of cologne might be the bulls-eye for your partner. For women, sexy lingerie and a good perfume can do the deed for him!

5 Undress each other: Yes, just like what you wear makes an impact, how you take them off, too makes one! Taking off each other’s attire one item at a time, slowly and sensually while making eye contact, will help light that fire.

6 Time to play: Playing, teasing, sensually touching helps build the mood for good sex. Whether you play with blindfolds or handcuffs, that’s totally up to you. But erotic plays have an immense impact on your mood. Also, in case you don’t really enjoy it, you both can always have a good laugh together!

7 Communicate: Your partner is a human after all. It will always help if you can communicate and express what turns you on and what you don’t like, during sex. This two-way communication, well help you both enjoy more sensual and satisfying sex life.

8 opposite role plays: Do you always take charge in bed? Then it’s time for some role reversal. Let your partner take charge of things and see her arousing you in ways that you never thought of. Not everyone is the same in real life as in bed!