As someone rightly quoted, the woman’s body is like a violin, and it takes a terrific musician to play it right’, the importance of foreplay for women cannot be denied. As per research, 80% of women don’t get an orgasm from penetrative sex alone, and that is where the importance of foreplay comes in, especially if you want to satisfy your partner. Here are a few tips for foreplay, that will not only make her quiver and moan but also make her believe, you are an amazing man!

1 Start with sexting:

Foreplay doesn’t need to start only in the bedroom. It can start as early as you wake up. Mood build-up and anticipation, both are significant when it comes to arousing a woman. Send her lusty and sexy texts throughout the day, building up the anticipation for the night. Like ‘can’t wait to take off your skirt tonight’ or ‘Can’t wait to kiss your lips down there’. These are messages that can turn any woman on. Once the mood is built, her body too starts anticipating some real action.

2 Go in for some seductive kissing:

Kissing can be of many types, but women generally don’t prefer a very hard, breathe choking type kissing! They prefer softer, wet seductive ones, on and off! Also kissing her lips are great, but she has many other erogenous zones in her body, which can be easily aroused by frequent passionate kissing, like the neck, the pubic mound, her inner thighs, ears, and stomach.

3 Don’t treat foreplay as a quick step to get sex:

Foreplay is crucial for women but not like a quick ritual to get over with before sex. As per experts if you are touching or kissing your partner so that you can have some sex, they can feel it. This becomes a big-time libido killer for women. They don’t want you to use foreplay as a ticket to sex; rather, they want you to stay in the moment, enjoying giving her pleasure as much as she enjoys receiving it. So when you are in foreplay, just focus on the same and let the sex be. If that too happens, let that be the icing on the cake.

4 Undress her slowly:

Don’t be in a hurry to yank off her clothes or yours. In foreplay, the more your linger, the better it is. Take her clothes off one at a time, say first her shirt, then her skirt and so on. As you take off one item at a time, focus on that zone for the next few minutes. Like if you are taking off her skirt, focus on kissing, licking, stimulating her inner thighs. Or when you take her bra off, take all your time to suck, lick and stimulate her breasts and nipples. This way, you can make foreplay more enjoyable and more erotic for her.

5 Put fire on with the ice:

It might sound old schooled, but ice can do so much to a woman’s body! Blindfold her and rub ice with your mouth across all her erogenous zones like lips, neck, naval, nipples, inner thighs, feet, toes. This ice can have an erotic impact on her nerves and body, making her shiver not from cold but from the erotic sensation of ice and you.

6 Stimulate the clitoris in a different style:

The clitoris is the most sensitive part of a woman’s body, and foreplay can never be complete without stimulation of the same. But licking it or trying to stimulate it with your hands is pretty common. Try something different. Go perpendicular over her thighs and stimulate the clitoris left to right instead, with your tongue. This can help her get an orgasm much faster. Also, try sex toys to stimulate her clit. Every new and unique thing that you will try will help her achieve pleasure in a newer way!

7 Focus on her likes :

During foreplay, try to find out what arouses her more than the rest. Every woman is different, and so is her body. Focus on parts that are more sensitive and invest more time in doing things that she likes the most or that which gives her most pleasure. That way, your efforts will be directed in the right direction.