Valentines is all about expressing and celebrating love. For some, sending sweet notes is the perfect way of speaking their heart out, while others admire a low-key date night with their better half. However, if there is one thing that any couple loves to do on Valentine's Day, it is playing games. Be it a quick round of 'Never Have I Ever' or and intense series of 'Truth and Dare', fun games can add some extra spice to your plans.

Romantic Scrabble:  We all have played scrabble at least once in our lives. But, do you know it can be played romantically also? Add some twist to it by making up rules like - use of only sexy or romantic word or choose categories like- strip scrabble, or kiss scrabble where on scoring a particular number of points, your partner has to kiss you or remove a piece of clothing.

Truth Or Dare: Truth or Dare can be easily turned into a fun game for couples to play at home. Ask your partner funny or personal questions if they choose Truth, and turn the heat up if they go for Dare.

Charades: Though Charades is usually played by forming teams, two people can play this game as well. Just put up clues that are personal to you and your partner. Your clues can include favorite movies, inside jokes, phrases that you both use a lot, shared interests, etc.

Never Have I Ever: Get a piece of paper and write 'Never' on one side and 'I Have' on the other. Start asking questions. If one says, "I have been arrested for a traffic violation," and it doesn't apply to the other, they show the side that says 'Never,' else they show the side that states 'I Have.' This game is an excellent way of knowing your partner better.

Roleplay: This is a super flirty game that can be played both in public or in private. Look up characters that you and your partner like and then pretend to be those characters. To make it more fun, dress up as that character and try mimicking its mannerisms.

Deal Or No Deal: A small change can take this regular game to a whole new level.  Just put some cash with a romantic wish of yours in front of your partner and let them choose. It is a great way to make her agree to explore that long-waiting fantasy of yours!

Pretzel Challenge: They say good food leads to good sex! Take your Valentine's day plans a notch up by indulging in a Pretzel cooking challenge with your better half. To make the game more exciting, set a time limit. However, if you guys are one of those who would rather eat pretzels than make them, you can convert into an eating challenge too.

Scavenger Hunt: Treasure Hunts can be romanticized and personalized. Leave some cute notes to guide your partner towards the gift you have planned for them. This gift can be anything- a watch, fancy candlelight dinner, or you!

Sink The Ship: Pour your drink in a shot glass and make it float in a liquid in a bigger glass. Do not let the shot glass sink. The one who loses has to do what the other asks them to do. Use your imagination to make the game wild.

Misters Sex Quiz: Another exciting game that you can play with your boo is Misters Sex Quiz. Our interactive quizzes help answer questions about better sexual health. It is a great way to know about your present health conditions and help you find the right solution to improve your sexual life.  After all, fantastic sex is one of the three pillars for a great relationship!