Valentine's Day has long been about couples showing love to each other through gestures and material objects. But it is not the holiday for couples only! It offers lots of options for those who are not buying cards for someone or are receiving chocolates in a heart-shaped box.

Yes, the singles! On average, women are more likely to show self-affection on Valentine's Day than men. But why is that? Maybe we men don't know how to do 'self-love'.Well, to solve this 'How' problem, Misters has listed down seven amazing ways through which men can show love and affection towards them.

Go to the Spa: Men, spas are not only for women! This Valentine's Day, give yourself that long-due pampering by booking a spa session. Enjoy that facial or get that mud massage; the choice is yours!

Watch that Movie Your Friend Suggested: There is nothing more relaxing than a good movie, delicious snacks, and a couple of beer pints. Give yourself that solo 'Netflix & Chill' vibes because you deserve it, mate!

Take a Staycation: Take a day off for yourself and have some quality "me time". Lie around on the couch in comfortable pajamas or a luxurious robe, or deal with that to-do list that you put off every weekend. The possibilities are endless.

Drink the Good Stuff: Men and drinks have an old relation! That being said, use this Valentine's as an excuse to crack open the Reserve. Good scotch with cigars, or a crate of strong beer with pizza, or even red wine along with red meat — choose your pair and get the party rolling!

Explore a New Type of Exercise: The gym may be a part of your daily routine, but there is always room for you to go rogue and do something that gets your heart pumping! Be it rock climbing, mountain biking, or even running off the trail, pick a fun new activity and add some excitement to your otherwise regular schedule.

Go for that Trip: Missing being in a relationship on Valentine's Day? Well, then you deserve a day upgrade, and what is a better way to do that than to go for that solo trip you always dreamt of. Erase all responsibility you might have and explore the world (or maybe just a small city) through your wanderlust lenses.

Take Misters' Sex Quiz: They say health is the greatest gift one can give to themselves! So this Valentine's Day, give yourself the gift of better sexual health by taking our Sex Quiz. The quiz is specially designed keeping in mind the modern-day lifestyle and problems. A few questions will help you understand your sexual health better and give you an Ayurvedic expert-backed solution.

Valentine's Day is celebrated as the universal day of love, and there is no reason that it cannot be celebrated to express self-love. Enjoy the Day your way and remind yourself about how great a guy you are!