Sex might be a three-letter word, but it is powerful enough to take anyone to heaven, especially if it is done correctly. Imagine a situation wherein you are with your woman, trying to make her shudder and squeal, as she progresses through her orgasm, one after another. Wait? Is that the reality of your sex life, or just a dream you wish to achieve?

Ideally, women’s orgasms last for 15 seconds only; but with the right techniques, you can make the “wow” moment last for up to 30 mins. Well, this is no exaggeration; you can make this a reality of your life, provided you follow the right things to achieve the impossible.

What do you need to do to make her climax the best moment(s) of her life?

Since sex is nothing like masturbation, your female companion would need to do some groundwork before you get into bed. As a first rule, she needs to be worry-free and keep her mind positive about sex. Many women tend to resist pleasure instead of embracing it, which can often affect the duration of their orgasms.

To give your woman the best, long-lasting orgasms, here are some techniques you can follow like a pro.

1)   The edging technique: Edging is all about bringing your woman to the brink of an orgasm and then stopping right in the nick of time. As the feeling begins to subside, you start all over again and bring her to the edge. Every time you continue to edge her, the level of orgasms is going to keep on increasing, and she will feel tremors go from her head to her toes, as she climaxes finally.

Most men love to see their partner getting closer to orgasms and might not feel like slowing down at the last minute. However, that’s not the right approach, especially if you want to give her long-lasting pleasure. After all, every woman gets to deserve the climax she deserves.

2) Multiple orgasms – when once is just not enough: Giving your woman multiple orgasms is a technique you might feel is hard to master. However, once you have caught her weak spot, you can continue to use it to give her multiple orgasms, in the same manner. Yes, you read that right. The same spot and technique can be touched, fondled and licked, to give her multiple orgasms one after another.

If you have mastered the art of fingering and consider yourself a lady’s man, chances are you might be able to do the impossible. If you are touching her “G” spot and just making her moan in pleasure, she might not want you to stop, not now and not ever. Continue to get her closer to her pleasure levels, and push her over the edge, as she dives deeper into her ecstasy pool.

This is an ideal situation for any woman to be in, especially if she knows how to make the most out of sex, mentally and physically. After all, if men deserve to have a massive wet explosion, why can’t women also feed on the sexual frenzy and enjoy each moment of their sex lives.