Shekar and Kyra, whom we spoke about in our last post "Great Sex Tricks: Don't fear your body" are a happy-go-lucky couple now. Life was going cool for them. Shekar had decided to move to another city for better job prospects. Kyra decided to stay at the same place where her in-laws lived for their emotional support. With a busy schedule came various responsibilities to fulfill on a daily basis. Everyday calls and WhatsApp messages started becoming once in 3 days and eventually once in a week. It's been 3 months now!

Shekar's confidence was helping him fast-track his career and develop healthy relationships with everyone. Whereas, Kyra's life was moving in slow motion as if something was amiss in her life. It's been 3 months she had met Shekar, the love of her life. Kyra's sad state brought Shekar back to the city and made him realize that his partner is as important for him as his parents and career.

Curious to know what Shekar did to spark joy in their love life? Then read on!

Shekar and Kyra lived in a middle-class joint family where expressing love openly had many limitations, but as they say, true love finds its way! Shekar surprised Kyra by helping her in cooking and household chores. In a way, Shekar was also helping himself because how long can he eat the jala hua roti and tasteless sabzi when he has to travel out of the city for work. Romantic moments made its start from the kitchen!

Not only this, Shekar started showing interest in Kyra's hobbies that she liked to pursue in her free time. After discovering how much Kyra loved to sing, he brought a recording song equipment and helped Kyra set up a YouTube channel to share her passion with the world. Shekar also expressed his desire to learn music from Kyra before she becomes famous. Seeing Shekar's confidence in her abilities, Kyra developed a deep sense of respect and admiration for him.

Knowing how big a fan is Kyra of Bollywood movies, Shekar experimented some bedroom secrets to impress his wifey. Like he would assist Kyra in wearing a saree, styling her hair, applying eye shadow and at the same time complimenting her natural beauty in a seducing tone.

In the entire process of understanding his partner, Shekar was not only trying to ensure that Kyra feels good about their relationship but he was also overcoming his shyness by expressing whatever his heart feels for her.

Realizing that sex was not only a biological need but an emotional one too, Shekar and Kyra indulged in more and better quality sexual activities to increase their level of commitment and lower their feelings of insecurity.

Having sex minimum once a week is a step towards loving and supportive relationship. If your case is maintaining a long-distance relationship, visiting each other often without disturbing each other's schedules can leave a huge impact. Try all the lovey-dovey things like kissing, hugging, holding hands, hottest sex positions, wildest confessions etc. to make your sex life last longer.