Since ancient times, Aloe Vera has been considered a prominent sexual stimulant. According to historical records, the Roman emperor Tiberius drank aloe juice to boost his libido. Then, according to the Indian legends, the aphrodisiac properties of this plant were also mentioned in the Kama Sutra, especially by the Navajo Indians.And finally, in the Middle East, an Aloe Vera remedy was used to treat women with fertility problems.

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The multiple health benefits of Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is known for its properties antibiotic and an anti-inflammatory to support healing and to stimulate immune defences. It promotes the detoxification of the body and is beneficial in soothing stomach cramps. It has been used as a natural remedy for diabetes, constipation, heart problems, cholesterol and other allergies.

When it comes to sexual performance, its high phosphoric creatine content allows it to improve the sensitivity and functioning of your sexual organs. It helps you become more alert thanks to the reactivation of the many sensors. Simply put, this natural ingredient is a perfect ally for men who want to revive their sexual endurance.

How does Aloe Vera work on your libido?

The action of Aloe Vera on your libido is multiple and global. Indeed, it is generally recommended to people who would like to find a good sexual health to approach the problem both under physiological and psychological situations. Some individuals may have apparently normal erections without feeling excessive desire (the heart is not there). Others, on the contrary, have a desire for fire, but the body does not follow (soft erection). And that is the point of Aloe Vera.

Its soothing properties allow you to relax your muscles and put you in the best possible conditions to have sex. Its topical application can stimulate the senses of your sexual organ and boost the blood circulation. With improved blood circulation, your penis can experience better erections so that you can recover the fullness.

Aloe Vera as a dietary supplement also acts on your libido very efficiently, but this time from the inside. Aphrodisiac plant par excellence, it allows you to have stronger and intense erections. Its effectiveness greatly explains its success, which has passed through the centuries and has never been denied.

Aloe Vera not only helps thousands of men significantly increase their sexual performance, but also acts as a first-rate lubricant that absorbs easily and quickly.  It is an ideal replacement for the toxic lubricants. Since it comes in the gel form, it is one of the best natural lubricants. Unlike other oils, it minimises the risk of infections to your partner.

Medically reviewed by Rishabh Verma, RP