Lifestyle diseases, the inevitable fallout of fast paced urban life, take away the spark from our spirits. Diabetes, caused from high blood sugar levels, is one such common chronic ailment which damages the nerve and cause cardiac issues which in turn affects your sexual health.

Plummeting sex drive is the most common ramification of diabetes. People with a highly active sex life can face serious mental issues if they get diabetes and lose libido as an aftermath. Low sex drive from diabetes actually occurs due to medicinal side effects, fatigue, hormonal variations or stress.

Of the two types, type-1 diabetes affects less than 10 percent while 90 percent are afflicted with type-2 diabetes - an inevitable consequence of obesity. In men type-2 diabetes primarily leads to Erectile Dysfunction or inability to attain and sustain an erection. Circulation and nervous system being critical to erection, nearly 75 percent of men with diabetes face problems. Uncontrolled blood sugar damages nerves which are in charge of sexual stimulation and squarely leads to Erectile Dysfunction. Less blood flow from damaged blood vessels, also an outcome of diabetes, makes the situation worse, as erection demands ample flow of blood to the penis.

High glucose levels can also cause Diabetic Neuropathy (DN), a sexual problem springing from damaged nerve. Symptoms include pain and lack of feeling in genitals. According to physicians, DN is often precondition of ED. Thwarting orgasm as well as sexual stimulations are the other threats associated with DN.

Another serious hazard that comes with type 2 diabetes is Retrograde Ejaculation. In this condition the sphincter muscles become inactive and the semen instead of being ejaculated by the penis goes to the bladder.

Men with diabetes also experience genital thrush - a fungal yeast infection in which surplus blood sugar goes to the urine. Moreover, diabetes reduces testosterone levels and diminishes sex drive. Incontinence or untimely urine leakage is yet another irksome consequence of high glucose level which is a major killjoy for sex. Couples combat this by padding their beds or using incontinence pads.

Low energy level is a perpetual condition of diabetes which severely affects your sex life. In such cases, the day’s accumulated fatigue can be detrimental for sex at night. To beat this, think of making love to your partner at an unconventional time, preferable in the morning, when your energy levels are high. Hormonal replacement therapy through medicines, patches, lotions or injections can also enhance libido and cure other sexual health issues resulting from diabetes.

Sexual intimacy is not just a raw bodily affair. Indulge more in softer activities like massage, bath or snuggles. Sex is intrinsically connected to the mental health of partners and nothing should stop them from being intimate. Moreover, health is a matter of mutual concern and should be discussed, sought help and solved together.

By all means eat healthy, exercise and do everything to keep your sugar level under control. Seek medical help if you are experiencing any sexual dysfunction; it could be the symptom of some grave untreated illness like diabetes or cardiac issues.

Stay healthy, love well!