With men and women moving to healthier options to live better lives, it's not uncommon for people to come across the golden fruit - or well leaf in this case - also commonly known as green tea. Green tea helps reduce the chances of someone getting cancer or gastrointestinal disease, and even helps people with obesity, drop down in weight. This gives us all the more reason to start stocking up on some tea to reap its benefits.

Green tea seems to be treating us good in terms of this, but what if we said it has a few more cards up its sleeve? Yes, green tea not only helps drop pant sizes but also helps keep that head of hair intact. For someone who's experiencing any hair loss, green tea could be a secret ingredient that could treat that condition before it becomes a hot mess.

Here are five reasons why green tea should be on your 2020 shopping list:

1. Polyphenol richness - Bringing in a bit of science here - epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG is the primary polyphenol that is present in green tea. This promotes hair growth by strengthening the roots and activating the hair follicles- making green tea a great add-on to your diet.

2. Enriched with nutrients - Green tea contains a healthy amount of caffeine compared to its sister- black tea, which has way too much caffeine. What's better than that is that green tea contains compounds like tocopherols, zinc, chromium, ascorbic acid, which encourage hair growth, thus fighting the hair loss battle.

3. The catechin ingredient - Rich in catechins, green tea helps fight hormones like dihydrotestosterone which lead to hair loss. A regular intake of green tea will help not just avoid hair loss but also keep those locks healthy.

4. Parasite killer - green tea helps kill parasites on the scalp, which could be a significant reason to why one must be experiencing some kind of hair loss. Washing your scalp with warm green tea, occasionally, can help reduce hair loss.

5. Promotes blood circulation - While we're on the scalp topic since green tea is rich in antioxidants, it helps destroy free radicals that hinder proper blood circulation, thus giving a smooth blood flow in and around the scalp, promoting better hair growth.

Now, while green tea is sitting there all high and mighty with its boatload of benefits, it'll be of no use if it's not consumed correctly. While some may opt to drink it as a beverage - either hot or cold, it may also be used while showering or even as a mask. Green tea capsules are on the rise too so if you're one for popping pills for convenience, those may come in handy.

Green tea may seem like a significant health benefit for all, but it's important to note that too much of green tea could cause insomnia for some - might be a healthy amount of caffeine in green tea but it's still caffeine. Women that are lactating or that are pregnant need to watch for their green tea consumption as more than one cup a day could lead to complications with the baby, sometimes even miscarriages. For others, it may interfere with their medications, so it's better to seek help from a medical professional before consuming.