Naughty-forty, the age that bears the most weight within it. Being in your middle-age represents a sensitive situation. You aren't completely old yet, not young. You just hang in there between the two phases. Though in good old days, middle-age was considered a crisis time, the moment before which all the major decisions of life have to be made. However, astonishingly, modern men think reaching middle-age is like unlocking a milestone that offers you some interesting rewards.

Change In Priorities - Modern men think that the late '30s and early '40s of their lifespan have aided them in developing a clear mindset about what they want in life and from life. This has reordered their priorities for the betterment of all.

Increased Confidence - This isn't something hard to understand. A majority of men, even women, lack confidence and self-esteem in their 20's and early 30's. But as they step closer to turning 40, there is a sudden reality check-YOLO. People during their middle-age start accepting themselves and thus become confident.

Sole-rule-#NoDramaPlease - Men in their middle-age feel more selective about the people they want to be with and the situations they want to be in. Their tolerance level towards unwanted drama and complications decreases, and they start investing in quality over quantity.

Saying 'No' Doesn't Feel Bad Anymore - Another way reaching middle-age have affected the lives of men positively is by making them realise that saying 'no' doesn't make you wrong, and at times, it is substantial to disagree.

Calm Is The New BFF - Turning 40 accompanies with it many physical changes, and to live with it, one automatically learns to be patient and calm, something men typically don't feel during those pumped-up days.

Being Single Hurts - A lot of men struggle to have an exciting love life in their middle-age, and if they are single in their 40's, they feel that they are too outdated for the dating game.

Partying Is No More Fun - Men in their middle-age find frequent socializing, partying, and drinking a 'not so fun' idea. They are more interested in spending time with their family or giving themselves some me time.

Stepping the stairs of middle-age can be a diverse experience. While it might take out 'fun' and 'zing' from your life and personality, it will gift you experience, knowledge, better sense of understanding, and a whole new perspective.

What modern men think about reaching middle-age