Be it millennials, gen X or baby boomers, social media platforms have kept everyone hooked. Apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat have become the centre of our lives. 24 hours without them feel like a year, right? Now, I agree these apps and similar technological advancements have made our lives easier. Still, our addiction to being active on social media is terrible for our personality, productivity and love life.

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One of the most significant advantages of social media can sometimes act as adversity for you. Social media platforms help us stay connected with our past and present at the same time. While this can definitely bring back some good old memories, it also eliminates the boundary that stops unwanted and toxic people from re-entering our life. And if we heed the advice of our grandparents - the past should be left in the past. Being in touch with ex-partners over social media can keep your dead past alive, in ghost mode, in your present. This can affect you and your current romantic relationship at an emotional and psychological level.

Your life on social media is like a free ebook, a few clicks and everyone has access to it. Opening your life to the world via social media brings an unspoken rule of etiquette into action, the golden rule of offence. For example, if your neighbour sends you a follow request on Instagram, you will come out as rude if you don't accept it. And when you do, they will get the lowdown of everything that is going on in your life, and then they will judge you. Worst-case scenario? If they happen to be way too nosey, they might stalk your profile and send a request to your family members or partner. Just saying, could happen.

Social media platforms can be the most prominent comparison hubs at times. See it this way: people often believe that what they see on their phone screen is an actual representation of real life. Seeing people getting clicked on beaches and receiving compliments for their looks makes people think that, that person is living a picture-perfect life. However, reality can be different. Unaware of it, people often compare their healthy and beautiful self with someone who seems appealing only on social media. This can develop self-hate within a person. After all, no love can fulfil you if you do not love yourself.

Another way in social media affects our relationships is by bringing uninvited insecurities into our lives. The habit of regularly checking your partner's online status or stalking every new they add are signs of this. Even friends can develop mistrust between themselves damaging beautiful and healthy relationships.

Do you also reach for your phone the moment you wake up in the morning? Or are you often busy glancing that blue screen when out with your partner on a date? If your heart shouted - YES, then my dear man, your social media presence is not working in your favour. Flicking through your phone every now and then, even when you have company can make your partner feel less wanted. This for sure, is not good for your relationship in the long-run.

Being on social media is fun, it keeps you updated with what is going on around you and helps you stay connected. But, getting involved in your virtual life way too much can disconnect you from real-world experience and the people in it. Use these platforms wisely.

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