Just like roses come with thorns, relationships come with specific anxieties and fears. To some extent, it is okay to feel anxious about something. However, over-stressing over a situation or thought can form a rough patch in the relationship. So, what should one do? Control the mind and heart from feeling the most natural emotions? Or ignore the feelings until it vanishes? None of these is the answer! Instead, remember that there is nothing to be ashamed of and work on those anxieties.

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How to know if it is relationship anxiety or not?

  • You over analyse even the smallest of relationship issues.
  • You stay at an arm's distance from a serious and committed relationship.
  • You are easily irritated by your partner's mistakes and weaknesses.
  • Distance from your partner troubles you a lot.
  • You invade your partner's personal space from time to time.
  • Every argument with your partner ends up in violence
  • You constantly feel that you are not good for your partner.
  • You try to control every possible aspect of your partner's life.

Some common relationship anxieties we all face and how to handle them

Most men grapple with the feeling of being looked at, as a mere financial provider when in a committed relationship. This kind of anxiety mostly hits men while starting a family. One might feel as if his value is limited to that of a breadwinner. Instead of overstressing about this, try talking to your partner. A little recognition and intermittent compliments from your partner's side can help you overcome this draining thought.

Another anxiety faced by men is that their partner is no longer their emotional support. Men, as we all know, are secretively vulnerable. Most show their emotions without really showing them. In a long-term relationship, such anxiety of a lack of emotional support is common. A busy routine and work-life schedule may lead to the same. Try taking some time off from your usual planner and go out on a date or adventure with your partner. Give your relationship a fresh perspective, allowing you an opportunity to be emotionally expressive.

The anxiety of not being able to find 'me-time' once they are in a relationship is one of the most common reasons behind men's fear of commitment. Men who think that being in a relationship will eat up their private space like Pac-Man, need to understand that this depends on a mutual understanding between them and their partner. Find someone who values his/her private space as much as you value yours or somebody that respects your privacy. Please do not be hesitant to draw or redraw boundaries with them.

Amongst the list of relationship anxieties is also the fear of having a dull intimate life. Men and women, at a certain point, feel like their sex life is sinking with every passing day of their relationship. The only way to solve this issue is to take control and try new things in the bedroom so that the naughtiness takes over for a while.

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Last but not least is the anxiety of your partner, seeing multiple partners without your knowledge. The constant fear or a possible breach of trust plagues the mind of many men. Try being expressive about this thought to your partner. Assurance from your partner side and the exercise of being vocal about your feelings will help.

Feeling anxious is normal. Not dealing with that feeling is not.

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