There is no definition of a perfect relationship, apart from where hearts blend with each other making things perfect. No color, no caste, no religion, and no age can affect your relationship if it is meant to be. Let’s take, for example, Celine Dion and Rene Angelil. She first met him when she was 12, and he was 38, making it a 26 years gap! With three kids in between them, they lived happily until he passed away in 2016. Such was their love that he had mortgaged his house to get funds for her first album! So as you see, love sees no boundaries, and lovers can do anything to be with the person they love. Now coming to age difference in relationships, it is not uncommon to get a thumbs down for the same from the society. Terms like a cougar, cradle-snatcher, sugar daddy, and gold digger are not unheard by those in relationships with a big age gap. The best thing to do is to ignore what others think and focus on what you think. Here are a few tips that will help make the sailing of your huge age gap relationship, all the more smoother!

1 Remember, age is just a number:

Let not your friends or society tell you otherwise. Age is only a number and always keep that at the back of your mind. If you guys are compatible with each other and understand each other, nothing else matters. You could be 25 but as mature as 35 years old. In that case, it is natural for you to be more in sync with people in and around that age group than 20 years old. Of course, being from two different generations might be having its own set of cons, but patience and eagerness to adapt will get you over that as well.

2 Don’t let anyone judge you:

Your relationship is your business, not anyone else’s. If there are people telling you that you latched on to her for sex or any selfish reason, please do ask them to mind their own business. Why you got attracted to her and why you guys decided to be with each other, requires no explanation to anyone. Of course, some people will be curious and jealous, so best is, let them be. Learning to ignore and shrug off comments that never meant any good, is a virtue in itself.

3 Focus on common interests:

Surely you people might have a significant age difference, but there must be some common interests, the reason why you people are together in the first place. It could be music; it could be some common hobby or common interest. Focusing on these will help you guys strengthen your relationship further.

4 Enjoy the unique perks:

You have it all that other people long for. Being from two different generations might have its issues, but it has its unique perks as well. When you are with a younger partner, it brings the much-required liveliness and enthusiasm in your life while being with an older partner lets you see life from a more matured point of view. So there is a hell lot more reason for the spark to stay alive in your relationship as compared to others.

5 Manage your sex life:

Now it’s a fact that when you are in a relationship with a huge age gap, your sex life might be a challenge. This is because while older men face problems like erectile dysfunction, older women suffer from libido loss as well as a dryer vagina. So, it would be helpful to be able to open up to each other about your sexual preferences and issues, if any. Remember, sexual intercourse is not the only way for satisfying sex life. For variety, you can include plenty of passionate kissing, touching, foreplay, orals, and sex toys.

6 Be confident:

Last but not least, feel confident about the relationship and of each other. There must be a reason why, amongst so many people around, you chose each other. Keep reminding yourself of the reason and treat your relationship as usual as anyone else’s. You are free to date and be in a relationship with anyone, be it someone much younger or much older to you. So feel confident about your decision and go on to create some good memories.