Erectile Dysfunction is a common health issue in men, that can occur at any age. Erectile dysfunction is described as an inability to get or maintain an erection during the course of sexual intercourse.

Reasons behind Erectile Dysfunction:

Erectile dysfunction can occur both due to emotional and physical causes, which means ED can be either physiological or psychological, or both.

The physiological problems include diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases, high cholesterol, multiple sclerosis and even Parkinson's disease. While underlying health problems can be the biggest cause of erectile disorders, surgical interventions such as prosthetic surgery, bladder or pelvis, can also induce the disease. High-stress levels and certain medications such as anti-histamines, haloperidol and other antipsychotics, or cimetidine, also trigger ED.

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Although many feel embarrassed to discuss the issue with their doctor, ED is now treatable in most cases. In fact, if you are not quite comfortable visiting a doctor regarding your sexual problems, you can try other pathways to treat impotence.

Natural, Ayurvedic supplements can also be used to treat ED. Find them here.

Is Garlic (lahsun) an aphrodisiac?

A quick internet search on “does garlic help sexually” reveals that it comes up in almost every article dealing with aphrodisiac foods. Why does it have this reputation?

Garlic has been used by Egyptians since ancient times to boost their stamina. Stories suggest that King Henry IV consumed garlic every day for sexual reasons before spending intimate moments with his conquests. However, he has also known for a breath that would keep 20 oxen away. The key is to consume garlic (lahsun) moderately and arm yourself with some eucalyptus or mint chewing gum to prevent bad breath.

Here are some other foods that can help treat erectile dysfunction.

How is Garlic (Lahsun) useful in curing erectile dysfunction?

Natural home remedies are considered to be one of the most favored therapies with chronic diseases. Garlic has been heralded as a wonderful solution for problems related to your libido.

Garlic (lahsun) is one of the most common ingredients in cuisines all across the world. It’s not only the taste or flavor that makes garlic a major part of your kitchen, but also its medicinal benefits.  Several research studies prove that Garlic is the best home remedy to solve the problem of ED.

  1. Garlic contains polysulfides which increase the production of H2S in the body. The H2S helps the blood vessels relax and improves blood circulation, thereby minimizing heart complications. As ED is a health problem related to the nerves, proper blood circulation could make all the difference.
  2. The principle component found in garlic is allicin. It’s a bioactive compound that is known to improve blood flow and control cholesterol. Balanced cholesterol levels help in treating the causes of hypertension, giving you healthy psychological health that indirectly helps in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.
  3. Moreover, garlic (lahsun) also helps to treat atherosclerosis, which is a contributing factor of ED.
  4. Garlic is rich in selenium, an important trace element for male fertility and, in particular, for good sperm health. It would, therefore, make the sperm more abundant.
  5. Garlic (lahsun) has also been shown to increase what is known as glutathione peroxidase, an enzyme that protects against oxidative stress. This has beneficial effects on sexual performance .
  6. Several studies have also looked at the hypotensive effects of garlic. As early as 1920, this property of garlic was demonstrated in a study on rats by Dr. Chailley-Bert, Loeper and Debray. There are several other studies that suggest that garlic may have a beneficial effect on hypertension. Hypertension is one of the primary causes for erectile dysfunction. Hence, regular consumption of garlic can counter hypertension to address erection problems in men.

Recommended Dose of Garlic (Lahsun)

Like every other natural remedy to treat erectile dysfunction, garlic must also be consumed in moderate quantity. The recommended dose is between 3 to 6 grams of raw garlic per day. For cooked garlic, you need to approximately triple the dose, to 9 to 15 grams.

How to use Garlic (Lahsun) for Erectile Dysfunction:

Garlic is an aphrodisiac as well as superfood. However, it should be eaten regularly and over a long period of time to see the benefits. So, from there to saying that eating a clove of garlic on Valentine's Day will give you hellish libido for one evening… we doubt.

You can chew 3-4 cloves of Garlic (lahsun) every day for curing impotence

You can have Garlic drowned in milk or honey

You can add two cloves of Garlic in one tablespoon of raw honey

Infuse 10 cloves of Garlic and cayenne pepper in oil, or add these ingredients into a smoothie for immediate consumption.

Make sure to consume Garlic (lahsun) on an empty stomach, every morning, at least for three to four months consistently in order to get well. Remember home remedies take time but works holistically. Don't take too much garlic in a single sitting to increase performance. Too much of anything is bad!

Advice to address erectile dysfunction: the right things to do!

On a daily basis, it is good to take care of your body to reduce the risk of suffering from sexual disorders. Even if past a certain age, they will appear (for those over 50, be aware that you can consult specialists), So delay their arrival as much as possible. To do this, here are some tips:

Take care of your lifestyle: eat healthy, avoiding excess fat and junk food. Difficult digestion and extra pounds will not help you get a good erection! Also watch out for the vices that cigarettes or alcohol represent for an erection (and drugs, of course), which will tend to clog your arteries, lead to heart problems and psychological problems that will affect your sexual performance.

Practice regular physical activity: Sport is a vector of well-being, which allows both to clear the mind (and therefore to reduce stress) and to maintain good physical condition. Obviously, the fitter you are, the more you will have the ability to bend the way you want.

physical activity man

To Conclude

Men looking for a natural solution to fight erection problems can turn to certain aphrodisiac foods like garlic (lahsun) since they exhibit properties proven by science in the form of home remedy.

If you notice that it is drastically affecting your daily life, do not hesitate to use the natural products that we offer here. These natural remedies for erectile dysfunction should allow you to effectively fight against these dysfunctions. If they persist, you can then turn to medical solutions such as certain medications, hormonal treatments, the installation of a penis pump or prosthesis.

Unfortunately, suffering from erectile dysfunction can have real consequences on your daily life, and it is a concern that should not be overlooked.

Medically reviewed by Rishabh Verma, RP