Modern-day trends have a deeper impact on us. With all your works being done just with a tap on your gadgets, it tends to gain your attention all day long, making you forget that you have a life to live without technology. It has brought some drastic changes in our everyday schedule when compared to generations passed by. For example, look at the below two scenes and see if they are known to you.

Scene 1: Do you spend time with your partner every night?

The time is ticking, and it is time to go to bed. With the work pressure on, you tend to check your office emails or messages and realize that your support is required. Since it could be a priority work or a blocker for your other teammates, you sit down to solve or guide your colleague to get the job done. You decide to work at this hour, just to ensure that your boss would not have a point to take on against you and to keep your professional life away from troubles. So, when you get busy, your partner would resort to other activities like watching TV/videos, reading books, playing games, or texting friends. Finally, once your work is done, it is already late, and you might find your partner asleep. Generally, if not sleeping, you both could be too tired to have sex or even talk to each other regarding your day at work.

Scene 2: Do your Instant messages or app notifications grab all your attention?

Suppose you have gone out for dining with your friends, including the one who could be your prospective partner or you have just gone on a date. You all would keep checking your phone, be it to make calls, reply to WhatsApp, Instagram stories, Tweets, etc. They keep buzzing on your screen. If not that, you wouldn’t do away with selfies and posting them right away on social media. When you are busy in your virtual world, how would you take time to interact and know each other while you are socially together?

Do you find these scenes relatable? Technology has taken a toll on real human interactions and social connectivity. The irony is that it keeps us connected around the world, too, and helps us perform our important tasks. Amidst the daily monotonous routines and chaos, have you realized that the very same technology that has been helping us in every minute task has been a cause to detach you from your partner or from finding a prospective partner?

For those in relationships, it is evident that technology impacts their sex drive. This is concluded based on the result of the survey called National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles conducted for both men and women belonging to the age range of 16 years to 74 years. The study had records dated from the 1990s, where couples used to have sex for about six times a month, on average, during that time. Now, it is reduced to fewer than five times, which is something to be concerned about.

Are you wondering about why and when did this happen? Well, you often get so busy that you forget about someone who needs your time and love. All you think about is work, and money, and other responsibilities tied up to you. Many do the same too. Internet is an added stress to all, churning you into a stress box. “People are worried about their jobs, worried about money. They are not in the mood for sex,” says Dr. Cath Mercer of University College, London in an interview with BBC. “But we also think modern technologies are behind the trend too. People have tablets and smartphones, and they are taking them into the bedroom, using Twitter and Facebook, answering emails,” she added.

How to tackle this situation?

Keep a routine to put away your gadgets after a particular time. Ensure to have an agreement with your partner to spend time with each other no matter what (emergencies are exceptional). This will rekindle your long-lost active sex drive. You need to be prepared mentally, that you have to keep away the gadgets and let yourself cool down. Physical intimacy is also a part of love that makes your bond stronger.

Also, note that certain health conditions could also impact your sexual health to alter your drive for sex. If you feel something is not right regarding your health or if you notice any unusual symptoms, do check with your doctor. Many factors can hinder your cuddle or kinky bedtime; one among them is the habit of sneaking into gadgets. So, think about it. Has technology affected your activity in bed? You will know the answer.