The old wives’ tales describe men as the salacious creatures with an insatiable sex drive that would make Jesus blush. Also, the media we consume adds to those tales by painting an equally scandalous picture of men with the sole agenda of sexual gratification in their heads and heart. Then how could it even be possible for them to lose that unsurmountable sex drive? Well, buckle up buttercup because we are going to answer the nagging question of the loss of sex drive in men with aging below.

Are all men horndogs?

All men are horndogs, and they want just sex is the biggest lie that we are led to believe by ultra-macho movie characters and inaccurate media portrayal. Their default emotional state of mind is not always horny. They do respond to other feelings like joy, grief, excitement, and fear. But would they pass a very suitable Netflix and chill situation? Lol, no, never. They are not horndogs, but they aren’t idiots either.

Can men lose sex drive?

Yes, they can. This answer might be a hard pill to swallow for some, but it is the absolute truth. The sexual drive of men like women is susceptible to change with factors like age, environment, mental health, biological conditions, and emotional state. The hormone called testosterone is the controlling agent of sexual drive in men. The surging hit of testosterone fire up men during puberty, and it marks as the point of elevated libido in men. Researches and surveys have registered that the testosterone levels in men peak in their late teens and start a journey of gradual decline from the onset of the 30s and 40s. In conclusion, higher the level of testosterone results in a more exceptional sex drive and lower levels of testosterone results in diminished sex drive.

Effects of aging on sex drive

Aging is nature’s way of keeping us humble. Taking the stairs to the fourth floor doesn’t seem like an easy feat after a certain age, and you know what, it’s alright.  Sex drive is one of the main elements that is affected by aging. The chief factors that contribute to the declining libido are:

1.   Hormonal: Testosterone are monumentally responsible for the raging sex drive as well as its significant decline with age. It is usual for men in their 40s to experience a decrease in their sex drive. However, it might not be the case for every man.

2.   Physiological: Listen to your body; it talks in the forms of signs and signals. Poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle, lack of sleep, no exercise, harmful consumption of alcohol, etc. affect the natural balance of the body, which might lead to hormonal imbalance, resulting in lower sexual drive.

3.   Psychological: Stress and imbalanced mental well being can be a significant contributor to the loss of sex drive. A lot of aging men function with the mental pressure and stress of daily life, which can cause a decline in libido.

Loss of sex drive can be a natural effect of aging; however, there are a lot of ways to remedy it. Focus on maintaining your physiological and psychological health. Eat well, get the help of your general physician to keep your testosterone levels in check.